Openings and Relocations: Allbirds, Hungry & Healthy Marketplace, CityMD, Gorillas, Fridge No More, New Cafe

Allbirds shoe and clothing store opened at 201 Columbus Avenue, between 69th and 70th street on Thursday. You may or may not be able to dunk a basketball in Allbirds, but you can at least feel good about their impact on the world; the shoes are designed to be eco-friendly and gender neutral. Allbirds can also be returned at any Allbirds location to be recycled. They’re manufactured with sheep’s merino wool and other natural materials like eucalyptus trees. The Brazilian sugar cane in the shoes is supposed to make it feel like you’re walking on a cloud. The company says the soles are carbon negative, and if you walk more than 10,000 steps they may even be calorie-negative.

Hungry and Healthy Marketplace is opening in the old GNC space at 163 West 72nd Street. It appears to be a two-floor grocery store that serves sandwiches and juices. Thanks to the folks at Zen Medica, an alternative medicine and nutrition store on 72nd, for the tip.

CityMD signed a lease for 12,429 square feet at 1865 Broadway at 61st Street, according to CBRE. It was the third largest NYC retail lease transaction of the second quarter, according to the site. “Guessing it’s probably one of their flagship locations with more specializations — like the one they are opening downtown,” wrote our tipster Upper West Sider.

A new food-delivery service called Gorillas, promising fresh groceries to your door in 10 minutes, opened in the former home of HSBC on the corner of 102nd and Broadway. Thanks to Alison for the tip.

Another grocery delivery service called Fridge No More is also planning to open on the UWS. It looks like it will be on West 72nd Street, according to a new business entity registration filed this week, though the exact address is not clear. The company does not have an opening date yet but says it will happen “soon.” Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

A new cafe appears to be opening in the former home of Gelotti at 2486 Broadway between 92nd and 93rd. “Workmen in the space told me a coffee shop would be coming to that space. That’s all I have at the moment!” wrote our tipster Linda Rosenthal.

Flowers on the Park, the florist at 80 West 86th Street, is relocating to 520 Amsterdam Avenue at 85th Street on August 1. It will also be opening a cafe, similar to PlantShed. Thanks to Peggy Lebowitz for the tip.

Reporting contributed by Rae Harrison.

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    1. Susan says:

      Always great news reading about new businesses opening!

    2. ml says:

      Wondering what’s up with getting grocery delivery in 20 minutes?
      cargo-bicycle delivery? Trucks?

      There is already at least one other new “on-demand” service.
      And of course traditional delivery from Fairway or ecommerce Fresh Direct etc.

      Or “self-service” delivery – walking to the store yourself 🙂

      • DeliveryKnowlege says:

        ml, delivery bikes help deliveries get to homes in 10-20 minutes. Stores are located in central areas to have a larger radius.

    3. Truth and Reason says:

      I love Flowers on the Park. Always such beautiful arrangements!

    4. Carlos says:

      Promising quick deliveries means reckless delivery drivers racing to meet the strict deadline. This was a big problem for Domino’s years ago. I’m happy to wait an extra few minutes for my delivery if it means increased safety.

      • Jan says:

        Increased safety! haven’t heard those words
        in a long time with all kinds of bikes on our streets
        these days ruining any thoughts of safety
        According to Citizen 3-4 bike injuries/deaths happened
        this weekend bringing the total this year to over 70
        Safety??? What safety
        Ban Bikes!!!! Our streets are too narrow and congested.


        • Jay says:

          You sound triggered. Cars are far more dangerous than bikes, so I’m assuming that’s what you really meant.

      • js says:

        Right – this will mean pressure on and dangerous situations for low-paid delivery workers.
        Not clear why folks “need” delivery in 20 minutes…?

    5. Vivsgirl says:

      Does anyone know what is going in on the corner across from CVS on 96 and Amsterdam? The sign says grocery store.

      • Old Stones says:

        It was reported earlier that the Key Food is moving there from 97th and Amsterdam.

      • Mark Moore says:

        It’s supposed to be Key Food relocating, yet for some reason they’ve covered up the name “Key Food” on the signs on the new location. The signs originally said Key Food Supermarket Coming Soon but then someone put white panels up covering the words Key Food on the signs. Which is weird.

    6. dc says:

      Felice on the corner of 71 and Columbus has curtains up and looks like it’s ready to open soon. Any news?

    7. Little Bird Told Me says:

      You can recycle old Allbirds shoes at an Allbirds store?? That’s awesome! Now that I know my old ones won’t go into a landfill, there’s no reason not to trade up and buy a new pair. Smart marketing and a responsible policy. I love it.

    8. JDUWS says:

      Anyone know the name of the coffee shop is going in the former Gelotti space?

    9. C. Kerr Uvtrooth says:

      Re: “The Brazilian sugar cane in the shoes is supposed to make it feel like you’re walking on a cloud.”
      To quote the “I Love Lucy” character Ricky Ricardo, “(someone) got some ‘splainin to do”!
      Exactly HOW would sugar cane have that effect?

      • LK says:

        Elementary, my dear Watson. Sugar-cane-based resin is the material that gives you that special bounce…

    10. Steven says:

      Anyone know when that fried chicken place that’s famous up in Harlem will be opening its new location on West 72nd street?

      • Jeff says:

        They’ve been posting updates on their Instagram page, sounds like it might open in August (not totally clear because the updates discuss the 72nd Street location and another new location that’s coming soon on 145th).

        • Steven says:

          Thanks! What is the name of the place please? I’d like to follow them on their Instagram page.