Artist Casually Drips Masterful Self-Portrait Onto Sidewalk While Waiting for Cab

Artist Paul Richard left a dinner at The Laureate building on March 11 and was waiting for an Uber near the corner of 76th Street and Broadway. He had a few minutes to kill, so he spent it creating a self-portrait out of a resin called oil-modified Alkyl. He tells us it was “loosely based on a self-portrait.”

Richard is an artist with paintings in galleries, but he also does street art like this that can be missed by people walking by. Our tipster Gavan spotted it and sent the photo to us asking if we had any idea where it came from.

See more of Richard’s work on his Instagram account and website.

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    1. Susan says:

      It’s nice to be so talented and be able to share that gift while waiting for an Uber.

    2. Lisa says:

      Wow this guy is really good. If you look at his website this sidewalk drawing looks just like him.

    3. Wijmlet says:


    4. Lorenzo says:

      Picasso reimagined…

    5. His post of this moment.

    6. Marianne Wurlitzer says:

      Yes, of course kudos to him but more kudos to West Side Rag for tracking down the information. The Rag has become a major plus in the lives of so many. Thank you!

    7. Sally says:

      I live on that block and I really love it. It’s been there for weeks, and I’m happy it hasn’t been removed.

    8. Theroux says:

      I think they placed one of their works outside the Strand downtown too?

    9. Mark says:

      Pretty sure he’s got another piece on 8th Ave around 18th-20th Streets … GREAT work, it always charms me when I spot one …

    10. Goodin says:

      Etch a Sketch master….lovely!

    11. Carol says:

      Fun. And what a way to advertise while doing your thing! This appears to be similar to some of his previous things and a good representation of his stuff. I enjoyed looking at his website, and his painting is also really nice. Albeit, the canvas tote bag is about the only thing for purchase in my price range, of which I have no need, but the article didn’t mention what seems to be fabulous sense of humor and cheekiness. That, I especially like.