Photos: Pink Moon Rises Above the Urban Jungle

The super pink moon rose on Monday night above the Upper West Side (and only on the Upper West Side), dusting the earth in a cotton candy hue. Some local shutterbugs captured the moment in all its glory.

Helen Miller took the two shots below:

And Jeff French Segall took this shot:

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    1. Carol says:

      Does anyone know how it changed over the course of the evening/what times? I went out around 11-11:30 on 69th, and it was bright white. I didn’t see the pink hue from the moon, but the sky had a navy/purple color.
      Also curious what tonight is supposed to look like. Thanks!

      • West 90th Street Jeff says:

        Sources explain that it is not the moon that is pink. It is the appearance of the seasonal pink phlox that makes its appearance at the same time of year. Regarding its apparent size, the moon is normally about 240,000 miles from Earth, but due to its elliptical orbit, it is currently about 20,000 miles nearer, hence its slightly larger appearance.

    2. Cs says:

      Pink doesn’t refer to color of the moon. It’s called that because flowers are pink in spring

    3. Lulu says:

      Those pictures are stunning! Thank you!

    4. NYYgirl says:

      Gorgeous pix! Thanks for sharing!