Pupper West Side: Alice Embraces Her Wanderlust, Daydreams of Future Travel While Sunbathing

By A. Campbell

Name: Alice

Age: 11 years old

Breed: Beagle mix

Profile/history: Mom was a college student living in Dallas when she adopted me. I should pause here and say that Mom and I both agree, it’s best to wait to adopt a pup until you’re out of school and in a fairly stable work-life routine. But luckily our story turned out well. Mom found me on Petfinder when I was just a young pup and she called her parents while clinging to me and said, “I’m adopting a dog”. They said, “No, you’re not,” and she replied, “No…but I am.” Heh! I was fortunate to find my home with an incredibly devoted, responsible, and loving college student and since that day, we’ve spent the past 11 years undertaking lots of adventures together.

Daily routine: I sleep under the covers with Mom, so every morning as I notice that she’s start to shift and wake up, I’ll crawl out from under the blankets and stare at her. This is my way of conveying it’s time for breakfast. Mom is a teacher at a public school in the city, but since she’s been working virtually in recent months, we’ve had the chance to spend lots of time together on mid-day walks in Central Park. While Mom is working, I’ll spend lots of time sitting on the windowsill and observing neighborhood activity or sunbathing. We’ve also started biking together because Mom bought me a K9 Sport Sack so that I can ride around on her back and feel the wind in my ears. In the before-times, Mom and I were avid travelers. In fact, I’ve visited 14 states and three countries – Canada, Portugal, and Spain. We spent two months in Lisbon during the summer of 2019, which is what inspired our joint dog travel blog adventuresofalicebug.com . As a well-traveled pupper, I try to help other pups and their owners learn about how to travel internationally with a dog and to highlight dog-friendly bars, restaurants, and activities in various cities.

Loves: People, walks, and hiking! My extended family lives in Colorado and during our visits, we’ll spend lots of time hiking in the foothills and mountains around Denver or travel to our favorite destination, Vail.

Does not love: Dogs who are too enthusiastic and playful first thing when we meet. I’m overwhelmed! I like to take it slow.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: It’s too difficult to choose just one favorite. We’re loyal patrons of lots of neighborhood establishments including Amelie on Amsterdam and 87th, Columbus Wine & Spirits, Roma Liquors, and Buceo 95, a cute tapas restaurant with wonderful outdoors seating where my go-to order is bacon-wrapped dates. Nom, nom, nom!

Favorite treat: Carrots! But I’ve been known to gobble up banana bread, cookies, and granola bars as well.

Favorite park spot: The North Woods of Central Park. It’s an area lots of people aren’t aware of and it’s such a beautiful and peaceful oasis from the bustle of Manhattan life. A walk in the North Woods is the closest you can get to true hiking while still in the city.

Where will you be traveling next, once you have the chance to do so safely? Well, 2020 was supposed to be full of travel plans for Mom and me. I was eagerly anticipating a trip to Switzerland in April (cheese, chocolate, and more cheese!) and a European road trip throughout July and August. Of course, we canceled those plans for the time being, but I can’t wait until we have the chance to explore again in a safe and responsible way. In the meantime, we’re content doing some regional outdoor exploring and of course, spending lots of time in Central Park and Riverside Park.

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    1. sfreyakat says:

      Chocolate is toxic to dogs……

    2. PAA says:

      Both Mom and Alice are the epitome of the teamwork it takes between people and dogs to enable a happy lifestyle balance for both. It takes loving dedication to develop that kind of lifelong friendship. Here’s to many more adventures😚

    3. Pat says:

      Alice leads a charmed life and her Mom is super good to her. Of course the reverse is also true…Alice is super loving to her Mom. Very cosmopolitan!

    4. Karen says:

      Yes what team. Great story

    5. SHELLY BLEIER says:

      No chocolate —poisonous for dogs!!!!
      Otherwise, what a great story—you lucky dog! lolol….

    6. kaylord says:

      What a sweet pup! Here’s to safe adventures for you and your mom very soon.

    7. Lorene says:

      So sweet, and well traveled too!

    8. sarah says:

      So sweet! Alice is lucky to have you. I bet you are a fabulous teacher too – those kids are lucky to have you as well!

    9. GG says:

      What a special, special pup! Leading the life of adventure and love with her most favorite human!!! I’m guessing that the chocolate reference was for Alice’s mom!!