Photos: Local Restaurants Fire Up the Heat Lamps

The temperature has dipped into the 40s in recent days, and local restaurants are keeping diners toasty with a wide variety of heat lamps. The word is that it’s been hard to find them lately because so many restaurants — and people with outdoor space — want them.

Peggy Taylor walked around the neighborhood and snapped shots of the various setups.

The restaurants she photographed include French Roast at 85th and Broadway; Eléa on 85th off Broadway; Fred’s at 83rd and Amsterdam; Playa Betty’s at 75th and Amsterdam; and Nice Matin at 79th and Amsterdam.

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    1. Amy Cook says:

      Just order takeout. Much safer and your apartment has heat.

    2. Chikkun-Little says:

      Ummm…don’t the heaters with open flames emit CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere; which then leads to Global Warming; which then leads to Climate Change; which then leads to glaciers melting; which then leads to sea-level rise; which then leads to parts of lower Manhattan being flooded; which….
      Someone, PLEASE call Al Gore!

    3. Will says:

      They’re investing so much money and have no idea how they’re about to go under. Trump needs to provide money for small businesses and stop being so spiteful.

    4. geoff says:

      A delicious city luxury, to be able to sit outside in cold weather under a heater. Reminiscent of sitting by a campfire in my opinion. I love the feeling.

      It comes at a cost—‘the usual’ ones we read about—and worse, according to Cornell University research.

      You can read more in The Hill, ( ).

      Also, five live births at horse farms in Pennsylvania produced defective foals, a defect linked to underground pollution.

      I guess the argument for gas burners is that businesses must not close for any reason linked to the pandemic.

      I can think of a few other, good reasons.

    5. J. L. Rivers says:

      I love the heat lamps outside and the enclosed spaces that some restaurants have built to accommodate patrons. One concern I have with the enclosed external spaces is that once they put up walls to keep the warm air inside and the breeze out, they are essentially re-creating the inside conditions that we are trying to stay away from. This does not bode well for containing the virus and may be contributing to the increase in infection rates in the city.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        A valid concern. My *guess* is that the circulation is simply better as even the best built sidewalk cafe? Not sure, but don’t give the authorities any ideas! Kidding of course.

    6. Frosty the snowman says:

      Actually walking down the sidewalk where these restaurants are staged the warm feels very good and most likely will keep the snow away!.

    7. Wijmlet says:

      not safe