A Big Day for Rainbows

Rainbows stretched across the city on Sunday night, and Upper West Siders got shots from some nice vantage points.

Photo by Jordan Cooper.

Photo by Jordan Cooper.

Photo by Lauren Richards.

Photo by Andrew MacCachran.

Photo by Michael William Waring.

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    1. Heidi says:

      These are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Sally F says:

      Wow! Beautiful!

    3. Sue says:

      We had a gorgeous view of one, right out the window in our shower!. We’re in the back, so we don’t have much of a view – but wow, this was beautiful!

    4. I didn’t make it out today, so thanks for the snaps.

      Wonderfully dramatic fire sunset yesterday though, looking west on 72nd… I’d hoped to see a hawk fly against that dramatic background: rows of reddish pink clouds like fiery breakers, rolling across an ocean above us, but I guess you can’t have everything…

      I did meet a woman named Shannon & we talked some, so all in all it was a pretty special day.

    5. Christine Sharma says:

      This is amazing.

    6. SNY says:

      “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is NYC’s message of love & hope.

    7. nwags says:

      Best headline of the week

    8. Martha says:

      Beautiful! Gives one hope.

    9. Tova Getoff says:

      Beautiful! Saw one from our car on the Throughway coming back to the UWS after hiking on Sunday.

    10. Jeffrey H says:

      Great to see there might still be something at the end of the rainbow in NYC.