Spring Natural Kitchen Replaced by Thyme and Tonic; ‘It All Feels Very Westville, In a Good Way.’

See larger photos of the menu here and here.

Thyme and Tonic just opened in the former home of Spring Natural Kitchen at 474 Columbus Avenue (at the corner of 83rd).

Update: The owners of Thyme and Tonic have sent us the following description of the restaurant, which differs somewhat from what we first posted. “Thyme & Tonic is a full bar featuring garden to glass cocktails made from fresh juices, herbs, and spices along with natural wines. The first half menu of has been built for sharing with more than 20 items including starters, tacos and anticuchos that everyone in a group can enjoy even while standing. The vegetable forward menu is rounded out by salads, bowls, and dishes such as Spaghetti Squash in a Cherry Tomato Sauce with Charred Kale, a Loaded Impossible Burger with hand cut fries, and a Crispy Skin Snapper with White Bean Ragu, Tomato Conserve and Broken Schug.”

Tipster GT had more info: “There wasn’t a long gap between Spring Natural Kitchen closing and this new place opening, and from what I saw they’ve been able to flip the space quickly by maintaining the general layout of Spring but brightening it up with more pronounced light fixtures, white accents, and plants throughout. The exterior signage appears to be somewhat incomplete, so I imagine there’s more to come. But they had a menu posted outside outside and it’s sort of Spring 2.0, maintaining some of the same broad strokes but with new emphasis. There are now way more small plates, a selection of tacos, and a veggie bowl section that join some of the more familiar players like pastas, burgers, and a range of fish/chicken/steak options. I didn’t get a look at a drinks menu — I’m assuming they’d have to have some special gin and tonics. It all feels very Westville, in a good way.” Westville is a casual American restaurant chain.

They’ll be serving specialty Gin and Tonics, Jackie adds.

Thanks to Jackie, Chris and GT for the tips.

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    1. Susan says:

      We certainly need a Westville on the UWS

      • Adam says:

        I emailed them years ago about taking Isabella’s former spot as “Upper Westville”. Would have been glorious.

        • George says:

          Now that Westville has expanded to Hell’s Kitchen—and is in many of the big neighborhoods downtown, I’ve got to imagine that the Upper West Side is high on the list for a potential new spot. I think bigger would be better, but the old Olma space at 80th and Amsterdam seems perfect for the type of space they’ve gone for recently. Or next to Daily Provisions where La Vela used to be.

        • iz says:

          ha! I emailed them after Macchina closed to try and get them to take that space! We need a Westville SO bad up here!

    2. I want to assume it’s kosher, too. Does anyone know?

    3. Leon says:

      Sorry to hear Spring Natural is gone but it sounds like a decent replacement. That block has a lot of construction which will make it challenging for a new restaurant.

      • Michael says:

        If it’s owned by the kosher place next door, they’ll do just fine. When they opened Arba, it was busy from the jump. The kosher places are always well supported in the hood.

    4. Jen S says:

      It’s fish and vegetarian, pretty much vegan actually (besides the fish). The alternative spelling indicates fake / vegan “meat” and “cheese.”

    5. Jamie says:

      I’m so excited!! This place looks amazing. Spring used to be our favorite, but then it was acquired by new owners and all of the healthy/vegan options we loved were removed from the menu.

    6. Mark Gabor says:

      Has anyone written up the restaurant, Bosino, at 201 W 103 St (just west of Amsterdam)? I just had a beautiful lunch there and would be delighted to write a short revue of this quaint bistro-style eatery, hidden on a side street, with artisanal pizza and a few other choice Italian dishes and desserts. Beautifully designed, welcoming space.

    7. Margot Steinberg says:

      It’s also 100% gluten free