20th Precinct Commander Malin Honored and Razzed as He Moves On

Former Deputy Inspector Malin is heading for “the next chapter,” his wife Genevieve said.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Dressed in civilian duds, flanked by his family, former Deputy Inspector Timothy J. Malin walked through lines of cheering officers on Thursday afternoon in his final goodbye to the 20th Precinct, which he has commanded for the past two years. Malin is off to start a new position later this month as director of public safety at Columbia University’s Morningside campus.

His fellow officers played one last joke on the beloved commander. At the end of the line was a mini police car, presumably a nod to Malin’s short stature. A full-sized squad car pulled up quickly, and, to the delight of the children, the Malins departed with lights flashing and sirens wailing. Earlier, Malin had assured WSR that his successor — Commander Neil Zuber — is “excellent and much taller.”

The Malins.

Goodbye Commander Malin, welcome Commander Zuber!

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    1. Ben David says:

      Thank you, thank you for your fine service, DI Malin !!
      You are fortunate to be leaving a police force now that is not respected by the NYC mayor, elected officials, and some of the public…and one that can no longer protect the public as criminal rights come before victims’ rights.

      • Bill says:

        Baloney. Give us one example of the Mayor not showing respect to the police.

        And legitimate criticism of police misbehavior isn’t disrespect.

        Commander Malin doesn’t deserve to have these types of misinformed attacks thrown into his well deserved kudos.

    2. Joey says:

      You will find that there is life after the NYPD

    3. Barbara Simpson says:

      Thank you Commander Malin

    4. nice says:

      He looks about 40 years old. Must be nice to retire @ 40 with a taxpayer funded pension.

      • Brandon says:

        He’s 42. Been with the NYPD for 20 years. We could have all done this but you have to be a cop.for 20 years and few of us are up.for that.

      • Jen says:

        And he deserves every penny of it—risking his life everyday for 20 years keeping people like you safe.

      • Union Proud says:

        Re: “Must be nice to retire…with a taxpayer funded pension.”

        Taxpayer funded pensions are negotiated by the various public employee unions and NYC. Members contribute via MONTHLY PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS.

        One of the many tasks of public-employee unions is to ensure that after years of service these retirees can enjoy a worry-free retirement, drawing from the pension plan to which they and the city contributed.

        Hey, here’s a thought: worried about Income Inequality? Work to bring back private-sector unions!

    5. Barbara Adler says:

      DI Malin, you will be sorely missed in our neighborhood. Thank you for all your great work and responsiveness to various issues, especially those we worked on together during the past years. I wish you great luck in your new position, which sounds like a perfect fit for you. Happy you’ll still be on the UWS. Lucky Columbia!

    6. Ron Kapon says:

      I am lucky that I will see lots of DI Malin at Columbia. I am a graduate of both the college & business school (1956 & 1957) & attend many athletic & non-athletic events there. Tuesday I was at the Dean’s Scholarship dinner. The security folks have met him & I assured many of then that they will love having him there just as I and members of the community found him warm, friendly & concerned about life on the UWS.
      I am glad to have met his wife & 3 adorable young sons. They will get free tuition if he stays when they are ready for college.

    7. Irish says:

      I guess no one will notice the jerseys the little kids are wearing, but great to see the NYPD GAA being represented! I knew there was some Irish in you! See you up in Gaelic Park!

    8. Deputy Inspector Malin will be sorely missed on the Upper West Side. He has been an eloquent spokesperson and great advocate for the NYPD. It is an honor to know him.

    9. Scott says:

      Ah, two salaries. Must be nice.

    10. Joe DeRuvo says:

      Congratulations! Best wishes for happiness and success in your new position! Loved to read the wonderful tributes to you!