Openings & Closings: Gina La Fornarina, Zyoga Space, Numero 28, Dos Toros Taqueria, Beyond Sushi

Gina La Fornarina and Gina Mexicana have closed their joint location at 2020 Broadway (at 69th Street), a server at the East Side location confirmed, although she could not offer details on why. They offered both Italian and Mexican food. Gina La Fornarina has had a rocky few years, closing its last location in 2017. The restaurant was also forced to pay employees back pay because of violations. Thanks to Sue and Ann for the tips.

Zyoga Space, a yoga studio, has opened at 162 West 72nd Street. Here’s the website.

Dos Toros Taqueria is opening on Feb. 12 at 2911 Broadway (between 113th and 114th Streets) with 8 seats available for dine-in customers. “Dos Toros will serve customizable burritos, burrito bowls, salads, tacos, quesadillas and nachos, all created using fresh ingredients and 100 percent naturally raised meats,” the company tells us. “Additionally, a full catering menu will be available.”

Numero 28 pizzeria has closed its location at 660 Amsterdam Avenue, between 92nd and 93rd. “It closed about a week ago,” said an employee at the Upper East Side location. He wasn’t sure why they closed.

Fake meat is a hot trend right now, and vegan restaurant Beyond Sushi is expanding quickly. In fact, it’s planning on opening on the Upper West Side, according to Eater — although the exact date and location still haven’t been revealed. “Beyond Sushi is largely known as a fast-casual restaurant that supplies vegan dishes shaped like sushi, plus meat-free versions of dishes like dumplings or skewers that pull from all sorts of international cuisines. Though a location in Midtown offers beer and wine, this newest location is part of a bid to ‘have a more sophisticated restaurant with an extended menu,’ Guy Vaknin says.”

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    1. lynn says:

      I just looked up the address for Gina La Fornarina. Was it next to Shakespeare & Co? I have no recollection of it being there. :/

    2. TravelgalNYC says:

      Beyond Sushi is opening on the UES, not the UWS, according to the Eater link you provided.

    3. Tim says:

      The sign at Numero 28 says they are “closed for renovation”

    4. Liifeoong UWS says:

      Numero 28 was good pizza. Didn’t there used to be a Glatt Kosher pizza place near there?

      I cant wait for Beyond sushi to open up.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        You’re getting your terms mixed up. “Glatt” only applies to meat products. for pizza, it is either just “Kosher”, or for the very orthodox / chassidic “Cholov Yisroel”.

    5. Lorraine says:

      I just passed Numero 28 an hour ago. There’s a sign on the door that says Closed for Renovation. Time will tell if that’s a euphemism.

    6. Kerry says:

      Beyond Sushi is AMAZING! So delicious!!! I am Beyond Excited to have this restaurant coming to the UWS! Hope it is in the 90’s 😃

    7. Janis says:

      Sorry to hear about Numero 28 closing. We pretty much just discovered it about 8 months ago and their individual pizza Rustica was really good and definitely big enough for two, and their choices of house wines were pretty good too.

    8. George says:

      So has the Olma renovation turned into a full on closing? “For Rent” signs are now up.

      • Greg says:

        Yes, it would appear so, saw the same thing. Especially since there is also a “STOP WORK” order posted on the door as of a few weeks ago.

    9. dc says:

      More vinyasa flow. Why?

    10. Emily says:

      Numero 28 for months had a seamless deal of 40% off that included their happy hour menu that was already significantly discounted. You could get a whole former pizza for 7 dollars. Best deal in the city. Probably didn’t help their bottom line.

    11. izzy says:

      Can you provide us with ANY update on Cascabel?!
      I haven’t seen it mentioned here at all. a HUGE loss for the neighborhood if it’s in fact closed.

      • Tom D. says:

        Cascabel was mentioned in comments a week or two ago, but otherwise, I don’t recall mention in an article.

        No signage in the windows to indicate anything, but the reduced number of tables inside isn’t a good sign.

    12. Triste says:

      Cascabel Taqueria appears to be closed since 1/24

    13. Keith Marder says:

      Dos Toros is a much better version of Chipotle. Beware: Their hot salsa is on fire.

    14. Glitter says:

      I love beyond sushi!!!!!!