Police Seize Guns and Drugs in Bust in Apartment Building

A 24th precinct officer stands with the guns police say they recovered. Photos via 24th precinct.

By Michael McDowell

The party is over at 207 West 102nd Street, where police said they saw ganja and guns galore when officers showed up last week.

“It was more of a firearm bust,” said Deputy Inspector Seth A. Lynch. “It was somewhat of a confidential investigation, however our officers did receive information that there were possibly firearms in that location. We took this information before a judge, who granted us a search warrant and pursuant to the search warrant we recovered four firearms,” he continued.

Extended magazines were also discovered in the search. These devices enable a firearm to store additional rounds, and are prohibited in New York.

Officers said they encountered a large quantity of marijuana—mostly edibles, according to Lynch, which in photographs shared on Twitter appear to take the form of candied Fruit Loops. Adjacent this contraband: a pile of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, bagged dope, and other unidentified items. A small amount of cocaine was also allegedly found, as were seven Apple iPhones.

Four individuals were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon; criminal possession of marijuana; criminal possession of a controlled substance; and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.

Lynch declined to comment on the investigation, which is ongoing. However, he indicated that he did not believe the activity to be gang-related.

The five-story building between Broadway and Amsterdam where the bust occurred is an apartment building where studio apartments were recently renting for more than $2,000, according to StreetEasy.

Those who would like to learn more about the 24th Precinct, or who are concerned about crime in the neighborhood, are encouraged to attend Community Council meetings, which typically take place on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm, at 151 West 100th Street. Community Council meetings at the neighboring 20th Precinct typically take place on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00pm at 120 West 82nd Street. The 24th covers 86th to 110th Streets, while the 20th covers 59th to 86th Streets.

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    1. justice for all says:

      Studio apartments are renting for 2000+ a month and they are arresting only the dealers? We will end this outrage when they also arrest landlords for extortion

      • Marc says:


        “the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.”

        If you were forced or threatened into renting a studio apartment against your will, you should definitely complain. Call 911 or walk to your local precinct. You’re welcome.

    2. Louise Weisbord says:

      Two days in a row I watched teen-agers from the school on 84th street walking down toward the park rolling marijuana and selling it to othr kids. Also a group of students smoking pot next to Dorot-asked them to move and smoke elsewhere and was given a lot of lip. As a former teacher at Brandeis it saddens me to see this recurrence-what’s the deal =is it legit?

      • lynn says:

        I’m aware that everyone smokes it (you can get high just walking down my block) but isn’t it illegal for anyone to be selling pot to kids/teens? Have you called the police?

        • erica bessette says:

          i do not smoke pot. my husband, a firefighter does not smoke pot. he is drug tested. walking through clouds of smoke is disgusting.

    3. WombatNYC says:

      I’d like to have that table full of goodies all to myself . Good times to be had !

    4. Ted says:

      As Slim Pickens said in Doctor Strangelove, “Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.”

      • Christine says:

        Great, Ted, and when they’re out on bail reform why don’t you have them over to your apartment to get the party started? More drugs, more guns — what could possibly go wrong?

        You want “neighbors” like these? Have at it.

        • Sarah says:

          More educated UWSers mysteriously incapable of understanding how bail reform works.

          Whether or not the people arrested could have posted a bond would have had NO bearing on whether or not they’re dangerous. Epstein could’ve posted any bond he was asked for. (Reasonably successful dealers most likely could’ve done so here, as well.) Requiring bail turns the inquiry from “is this person dangerous to the community or likely to flee justice?” to just “does this person have money?” If you don’t have money, too bad–indefinite detention, before *anything* is proven against you! Got a job to go to? Too bad. Got kids or elderly relatives to look after? Good luck with that!

          The number of people losing their minds over the idea that the state has to make some kind of a showing that a person is likely to be dangerous or to flee the jurisdiction, or else actually be guilty, before they are locked up without recourse is just sad.

    5. Erica says:

      Couldn’t care less about the cannabis. Glad they got the guns.