Openings & Closings: Calaveras Cafe, Europan, Subway Sandwiches, Starbucks

The Calaveras, a Mexican restaurant at 949 Columbus Avenue (106th-107th). is opening a cafe next door called the Calaveras Cafe on Friday. It will open at 7 a.m. and serve sandwiches, salads, pastries, homemade desserts and more.

Europan Bakery Cafe on 78th Street and Broadway has closed its doors and emptied out. The cafe served pizza, pasta, salads — it was one of those places where you can get just about everything. No one’s answering the phone there anymore, but one tipster talked to the guys at Caridad next door and they said it was the rent. Here’s one matter-of-fact review: “I sometimes go here for lunch. I usually order a freshly made deli sandwich or sometimes a dessert. I find the food enjoyable. I have always had a pleasant experience. I have tasted better, but I have also tasted a lot worse food in other local places. Today, I ordered a hot pastrami on rye. It was tasty, and I have no complaints.” Thanks to Sara, Christina and Fanny for the tips.

The Subway sandwich shop on 103rd and Broadway closed and was quickly gutted. Thanks to Mark and Dave for the tips.

Across the street from Subway, the Starbucks at 103rd and Broadway is also set to close, according to a customer named Tim, who spoke to the staff. They told him the building is coming down, and the coffee shop will close on January 19. We previously reported that the building — which holds the Marrakech Hotel — is expected to be demolished.

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    1. Erica says:

      I wonder if Hot & Crusty & Europan had the same owner. sigh

    2. Marsha says:

      Europan and Hot & Crusty have the same ownership so perhaps there is a connection between this closing and the Hot & Crusty on Broadway and 88th Street.

    3. Ethan says:

      While Europan was certainly no great shakes, its departure leaves the immediate environs destitute of the type of café that once was: the quick coffee/bagel/salad/sandwich. Oh, sad days.

    4. Pat says:

      I’m so glad The Calaveras is expanding! Their food is delicious. If you haven’t been, I strongly recommend that you go!

    5. Ted says:

      Europan always looked like the nastiest desert on the UWS. I’m sure it has it’s supporters, but I just couldn’t

      • Lycurgus7 says:

        You enjoy whistling on someone else’s graveyard? Wow, this was a good place for pastries and coffee and open 24 hours for convenience. People are so harsh these days. How would you like if it was you who lost the store?

    6. Sean says:

      Europan’s business went south when The Collegiate School closed it’s UWS location.

    7. Leon says:

      I walked past Shake Shack at 77 and Columbus this morning and it had a sign that it was closed. I assume it is temporary but not sure for how long.

    8. Steen says:

      Great news about the Calaveras. It is so good, and the owners are lovely!

    9. Mark Moore says:

      Gyu-Kaku is oddly closed until Friday for “maintenance.” They just opened.

    10. Angelo says:

      No.. Europan. Been my reliable go to for emergency hunger pangs 🙁 Very sad and disappointed to see this one go.. smh