Restaurant Updates: Flor de Mayo Reopens, Leonti’s New Option, Buchetta’s Replacement

Flor de Mayo at 484 Amsterdam Avenue between 83rd and 84th Street has reopened after being closed for renovations since July. “The space has a more open feel now, with intimate lighting and a rustic vibe (they really focused in on the brick and wood throughout),” our tipster George wrote.

Leonti at 103 West 77th Street off of Columbus just started opening on Sundays with a special “Sunday Supper” menu. The meals are special price fixe deals — this week there’s a King Crab souffle, which is one of those things that’s hard to make at home. The meals are $65, with an optional $45 wine pairing.

And Burchetta Brick Oven Pizza, which shut down at 201 West 103rd Street, is being replaced by a new spot called Bosino, which is another Italian spot with a wide variety of pizzas, pastas and antipasti. In fact, Bosino was briefly open before shutting down temporarily, according to tipster Joseph. Its menu is up here, though it’s not clear when it will open again.

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    1. Ajz says:

      Any update on sapphire?

    2. Steve Friedman says:

      Good that they’re back! I feared the worst. Best most intimate cozy restaurant with the most wonderful pizza and special salad. Never we had a dinner that was less than terrific. And it’s so comfortable to sit and chat. Always the place we take friends we haven’t see long time. The hostesses and chefs by the oven – all lend to the warm, engaging atmosphere. That the price is tres reasonable helps the experience. Wish they took credit cards though.

      • Linda says:

        Which restaurant are you referring to, please?

      • SP says:

        So I walked by last night. In case anyone reading this cares to know, Bosino is -not- open. The STOP WORK ORDER issued November 9th is still pasted in the window, brown paper still up, no evidence of progress being made inside since the last time I walked by three or so weeks ago. This is really frustrating and disappointing.

    3. Carmack Rachelle Nàcht says:

      What’s up with the Japanese bbq to open one day on Amsterdam and 90

      • Zanarkand says:

        Still nothing from them. Every time they post a pic for that location’s official Facebook page I comment about when it’s opening. I used to get responses in the summer but now they don’t respond with any time frame on it. Not sure what they are waiting for. It all looks done.

        • George says:

          This is typical with restaurant openings. The space itself will be done, and signage might even be up, but there’s plenty of work still to do with the kitchen and front of house staff, coordinating with vendors, plumbing, electric, accessibility, and so on.

      • Mark Moore says:

        Gyu-Kaku. Not open yet. People say government construction never happens on time but private usually doesn’t either.

    4. Angela Pan says:

      I called Sapphire on Wednesday 12/4- was told they will be open by the end of next week.

    5. Susan Kagan says:

      Thank heaven for the return of our beloved Flor de Mayo!! Best pollo di brasa in the city!!

    6. MQue says:

      Happy Flor reopened. I thought they were gone for good