Two Iconic Upper West Side Holiday Decorations Are Up

It may not be Thanksgiving yet, but holiday decorations are popping up in the neighborhood.

The dinosaur trees are up in front of the Museum of Natural History at 79th Street and Central Park West, with dinosaurs covered in Christmas lights holding wreaths. Joeanna Saylor spotted them early one morning this week.

And the Holiday Under the Stars show is up at the Time warner Center at 59th Street and Columbus Circle. The stars change color as music pumps through the speakers. We’d argue it’s better than the Rockefeller Center tree show, given that there are baked goods and bathrooms nearby.

More events and attractions are coming, and we’ll keep you updated!

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    1. rteplow says:

      My husband and I think of them as the death stars because of the damage they would do if they fell.

    2. the pearl says:

      Naturally, New York’s decorations are understated and elegant. Thank you.

    3. It’s so awesome that the American Museum Of Natural History does this each year and very appreciated by the UWS neighborhoods. This coming week the snowflakes will be put up/down Columbus Avenue and before you know it you will start seeing Christmas trees on the corners for sale and the brownstones on the side streets with their holiday decorations up… That’s sweet smell of wood burning from their fireplaces, it really gives a nice feeling for the holidays.
      Happy Holidays everyone!

      • N-YHS Volunteer says:

        AND…there’s the annual train-display at The New-York Historical Society’s (W. 77th/CPW) lobby.

        Large electric trains zip along overhead on an elaborate layout of tracks suspended from the ceiling. Guaranteed to fascinate “little boys” of all ages.

    4. Diane S Seman says:

      lovely, gets me into the true spirit of Christmas and it’s magical element. Love the music and colors and the stars as symbols of hope.