Local Man Wins Casual Friday

The gentleman shown above was spotted walking down Central Park West at 69th Street, bare from the socks up but for a drawstring-controlled fig leaf covering his frontward-facing unmentionables.

It was around the time of evening rush hour on Thursday, and he appeared to be just another city-dweller trudging home from work, according to our tipster Dave. Asked if the man appeared to be in any distress, Dave replied:

No he seemed to be walking home like any normal person coming back from work on a Thursday evening. It was a double take seeing him coming down the street, then my wife took the picture after he passed us. As I said the front wasn’t even a “loin cloth” closer to Adams leaf.

He was in fact, fully attired for work from the ankles down. And the briefcase is sensible, large enough for a laptop perhaps.

Unsurprisingly, passers-by seem oblivious. This is New York after all.

Yes, the headline implies that the incident occurred on Friday, but you can technically “win” casual Friday on Thursday if you get ready early enough.

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    1. Charlie says:

      Must have been “wear a third sock to work” day for this guy. I wonder how everyone else in his office was dressed.

    2. Hyman Rosen says:

      He was obviously having one of those dreams.

    3. Scotch Guard says:

      This is why I stand on the subway, if possible.

    4. Mark P says:

      LOVE the headline!

      Reminds me of a quote from a McSweenys essay:

      “When I queried my friends, ‘leggings as pants or leggings are never pants?’, one said, “I like how they feel and I like how I look in them, so [bleep] everyone else.”

      Guy looks pretty comfortable in his shorts… ;^)

    5. 1. Yeah, this is New York, after all.

      2. Last night I read of Hermann Hesse’s “search for authenticity”.

    6. Giles says:

      Did I forget to brush my teeth?

    7. Marianne says:

      I bet he saves a bunch on dry cleaning!!

    8. Can't think of a cool name says:

      We saw this man wearing the same “outfit” and accessories walking past Grom in Columbus Circle earlier in the summer. It was pushing midnight on a weekend, though, so it wasn’t entirely surprising. Most of our party was oblivious as well until my boyfriend glanced up and said “Oh, I have the same outfit.” 🙂 Now at least we know it was real.

    9. Lord Of The Slice says:

      🎶Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
      I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk 🎶

    10. Naked Johnny says:

      Just another day in Manhattan . . .the heat has been awful . . . though I saw a guy walk down 3rd Ave. in a snow storm free of all his clothing.

    11. BillyNYC says:

      Nothing new,
      Very common throughout Europe and through the 60s and 70s here in New York, it’s a come back thing and perfectly legal.

    12. Appreciation 101 says:

      Why hasn’t anyone mentioned how beautifully built he is?! That was my first thought. He’s doing us all a favor. Also very courageous to do this so nonchalantly.

    13. HappyLooker says:

      Noticed he’s ok showing his down low, but needs a toupee to hide his up top. Show it all, Friend!

    14. Roz says:

      Another reason to love New York …