Free ‘Jane’s Walks’ Will Take You to Special UWS Spots from May 3-5

Landmark West sent out a reminder that Jane’s Walks — an annual event in honor of Jane Jacobs that allows volunteers to hold walks in their neighborhoods — is coming up on May 3-5. And there are several great walks in the area. See all the citywide walks here, and read the descriptions below via Landmark West.

Elegant Riverside Park: A Highway Runs Through It (and a railroad runs under it!)
Friday, May 3rd 9:00am or Sunday, May 5th at 9:00 AM; 1-2 hours

This springtime stroll through Riverside Park will look at clues in the park holding stories about history, transportation, money, and scandal! Note: Route includes hills and stairs. Starts at 72nd St, and participants can chose to end at 79th, 96th, or 122nd Street.

The West Side Story Before “West Side Story”
Saturday, May 4th 11:00am or Sunday, May 5th at 9:00 AM; 2-3 hours

This walk begins at Columbus Circle with a discussion of its farmland origins, its evolution into one of the city’s theatre districts, and its juxtaposition to San Juan Hill, once considered one of the most dangerous parts of the city and the backdrop for “West Side Story”. Discuss the development and impact of Lincoln Center, and the history and rich diversity of the area from Central Park to Broadway. Ends at The Dakota.

A Wild Woman’s Walk On The Upper West Side
Friday, May 3rd 11:00am or Saturday, May 4th at 9:00 AM; 1-2 hours

Meet at the southwest corner of West 81st Street and Central Park West by the American Museum of Natural History. The group will discuss the American Museum of Natural History and its planetarium, discuss Beresford Apartments, Belvedere Castle, Shakespeare’s Garden, Bethesda Fountain, the Great Mall, Dako, and the Columbus Avenue Cafe. This will be a leisurely walk.

Riverside Drive, Mansions and Monuments, from Joan of Arc to Ulysses Grant
Friday, May 3rd 1:00pm and Saturday, May 4th 11:00am 1-2 hours

A stroll along Riverside Drive noting Beaux-Arts, Art Déco, Neo-Gothic, and wildly eclectic architecture. Also sculptural tributes to political, military, cultural winners and losers, warfighters and peacemakers. Glimpses into Riverside Park and across the Hudson. Meet Franz Sigel, Samuel Tilden, Lajos Kossuth, Dan Butterfield, Martin Luther King, and more.

Upper West Side: History, Development, and Delicious Food
Saturday, May 4th 11:00am and again at 3pm; 1-2 hours

This 1 mile walk takes participants down Broadway for an illuminating discovery of beaux-arts buildings (The Belnord, Astor Court, The Apthorp, Greystone Hotel) historic food stores (Murray’s, Zabars, Barney Greengrass- slight detour) and recent real estate developments shaping the area, both current and planned. The walk will concentrate on the vibrancy, tradition and authenticity of this storied community.

Herstorical Monuments of Riverside Park
Friday, May 3rd 1:00pm and Sunday, May 5th 10am; 1-2 hours

A walk/talk about women’s history and public monuments. There are only 5 statues of real, named women in New York City and two of them are in Riverside Park. Take a walk through this beautiful park, see at least six monuments and learn the stories of the women represented and the female artists who created them.

Upper West Side Queendom
Saturday, May 4th 3:00pm 1-2 hours

A dream-like tour for any visitors to the city! You’ll be guided through the Upper West Side’s beautiful brownstones, Beaux Arts and Queen Anne buildings.

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    1. Marianne Zaras says:

      UWS Queendom Doesn’t indicate a location starting point?

    2. Annie says:

      Exciting walks ! Will there be any week of May 6? I’ll be visiting that week and have been wanting to try a walking tour These sound super !!