Upper West Siders Confused And/Or Delighted by New ‘Gelato Burger’

Photo by Sonia Moghe.

Upper West Siders have emerged from their darkened rooms to embrace the spring, and all the joys of the season — flower-gawking, park-lounging, frisbee-tossing and al fresco eating.

This year’s there’s a new treat to greet the sun-starved masses: the gelato burger!

Amorino, the gelato shop at 414 Amsterdam Avenue between 79th and 80th Streets, debuted the new treat this past week, but some people seem befuddled by it, owner Luigi told us on Sunday.

“They ask questions, because it’s a little confusing,” he said. “They think it’s a hamburger but it’s not.”

The “burger” is actually a chocolate bun, he said. Once people taste it, their confusion slides away and smiles cross their faces. “Those who have tried it liked it,” he said.

What about you? Ready to take the burger challenge?

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    1. StevenCinNYC says:

      They have surprisingly bad gelato

    2. Mary Bronson says:

      How many calories?

    3. A says:

      Soon that may be illegal in the European Union! Now Brexit makes sense!


    4. Christine E says:

      Given the timing, is it perhaps an April fools joke?

      • BaristaBae says:

        As an amorino barista I can assure you it’s real as rain. Gelato on a brioche bun. I’ve been told it’s tasty but I’m too scared to try!

    5. Barbara Fight says:

      Had hot chocolate there and it was cold. Plus the service was terrible and it wasn’t even crowded.

    6. Miss the Funk says:

      This is a wonderful shop, fairly unique for the neighborhood. It replaced a yogurt shop that opened within six months of another yogurt shop literally across the street. Of course both shops were out of business in less than a year. Around the corner on W80th St a new tiny downstairs barbershop opened, again literally, exactly next door to another new tiny downstairs barbershop that had been opened maybe six months. Different walk-up buildings sharing a wall. One barbershop went out in less than six months and the original hole in the wall has managed to survive for several years. Good for him!

      This is reflective of the completely chaotic lack of planning or common sense in the majority of real estate moves on the UWS. I could mention the landlord happy to lose McDonald’s as a tenant only to leave the storefront open going on years now. Or the Japanese steak house that proudly proclaimed their $6/oz steak was the best value in New York.

      Anyway, I have nothing but nice things to say about Amorino and I dislike most of the businesses that have opened in the past few years.

    7. Evan Bando says:

      Amorino is a terrific gelato shop with lovely people working there. Even their espresso is very good – served with a nice little sweet to go with it. Go there. Or stop complaining about losing neighborhood storefronts.

    8. Ella Lasky says:

      Do it’s a gelato (ice cream) sandwich!

    9. lila shoshkes says:

      It is a little silly but it got them mentioned without an ad. I like this shop, my family has great fond memories of wonderful flavors. Dont let them go out of business

    10. A gelato burger has been in Italy for as long as I can remember!

    11. Billy NYC says:

      The gelato here is great and a favorite here on the Upper West Side but not this, no way.

    12. HammerMom says:

      Gelato in a brioche is common in Sicily.

    13. Angela Lam says:

      I would LOVE to try it!

    14. s d says:

      creativity went too far..

    15. chris woo says:

      Dan’t know why anyone would be unhappy w the gelato at Amorino — the stuff is quite good, some flavors better than others. Good enough at any rate for people all over europe incl italy. Anyway, looking forward to trying this but not the long lines.

    16. UWS Dad says:

      The gelato here is great! It’s as good as the sadly-departed Grom and far better than Van Leeuwen a couple of blocks away.

    17. Richard Small says:

      Hopefully it was an April Fool’s joke, though based on the absurd offering of many restaurants on the UWS I am afraid they are serious.

      It is no wonder that so many restaurants do not make it. They blame it on rents and higher wages and this and that, but in the end it is the business concept that makes no sense and was doomed from day one. Of course easier and more appealing to just keep passing the blame around.

    18. Terry says:

      Guess that was the reason for the huge line out the door on Saturday afternoon?

      • Tom Lee says:

        I don’t think so! Perhaps the warm weather and it being a Saturday had more to do with it.

        Are there lines Mon-Fri, or on any day November-March? Hard for a business to keep the lights on when it barely has customers 4-5 days a week or 5-6 months out of the year.

        But of course if it closes it will be the greedy landlord’s fault.

    19. B.B. says:

      Amorino Gelato has another location in Chelsea. https://www.yelp.com/biz/amorino-gelato-new-york-2

      More than just gelato (correction make that “Artisan Gelato”,*LOL*) but croissants and other nibbles and drinks as well.