20-Year-Old Dies After Stabbing On Broadway; Two Teens Arrested

By Joy Bergmann

Tony McClain, 20, died Thursday after being stabbed in an altercation believed to be gang-related on Broadway near 99th Street around 1:30 p.m., NYPD officials said.

Two suspects were arrested and charged with murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon:  Jashawn Gorham, 18, and Brighton Montgomery, 17.

According to NYPD accounts of the incident, patrol officers from the 24th Precinct saw an assault in progress at 1:26 p.m. Thursday near 99th and Broadway. Officers followed the two suspects to 96th and Amsterdam where they were apprehended.

Officers discovered the victim, McClain, lying unconscious and unresponsive in front of Cheesy Pizza at 2640 Broadway near 100th Street. He had evident stab wounds to the chin and chest.  Police recovered a knife near the scene.

Paramedics took McClain to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

NYPD said the investigation is ongoing; the motive for the initial fight appears to be gang-related.

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    1. UWSJoe says:

      So where are Rosenthal and Deblasio on this midday murder?

      Oh that’s right, they’re too busy pandering to non-citizens and giving out our hard earned tax money for freebies to deal with these trifling crimes on the UWS.

      Must we continue to elect these democrat idiots who do nothing but virtue signal at every opportunity?

      Was the poor elderly man who was beaten to death in broad daylight last May at 96th and Broadway not enough for Upper West Siders?

      Do you love the constant stream of homeless zombies who now crowd the sidewalks of the UWS at all hours, harassing everyone who walks by?

      Do you love the garbage MTA with its worthless service and homeless junkies who make every trip a nerve wrecking experience?

      Do you love the failed NYCHA public housing complexes all over the UWS which have done nothing but produce crime and multigenerational poverty?

      Do you love the constant bank robberies at 96th and Broadway?

      Do you love that this administration continues to dump criminals into “shelters” all over our neighborhood? Like the criminal who sexually assaulted our poor neighbor this summer on 83rd?

      Why must we tolerate this?

      How many more rapes, robberies and murders will it take for Upper West Siders to get angry?

      • David says:

        Bravo!!! Very well said, indeed!

      • B.W. says:

        Do you expect Rosenthal and DeBlasio to stand on EVERY CORNER OF THE UWS and police the neighborhood? You need to get a grip, per usual, as you are always here wringing your hands over things that are largely out of the hands of the people you want blame! Crime is down in this city, or haven’t you heard? Want to blame someone? Blame the perpetrators who pulled out the knife and stabbed the young man to death. Your anger, as ALWAYS, is misplaced. Have a great day, Joe.

      • Mark Moore says:

        It’s one of the safest neighborhoods in one of the safest cities in the country. Calm yourself.

      • Ben David says:

        “How many more rapes, robberies and murders will it take for Upper West Siders to get angry?”
        Sadly, the answer is that it does not matter–the UWS will NOT get angry at Democrat officials. We live in the de Blasio era, where the mayor and city council are doing everything possible to protect the rights of public urination, turnstile jumping, and attacking NYPD officers. Whatever quality of life and sense of safety that we had recently on the UWS, is no longer. Welcome to the world of gang fights, and not even with guns–this murder was committed with a knife!

      • Sarah says:

        I like how you look at all the human suffering, including the death of this young person who presumably had friends and family who loved him, and fire off an intense several-paragraph response about how it makes YOU uncomfortable to have to look at poor people. For God’s sake. Show a little respect.

      • BYL says:

        Clearly you don’t know anything about the history of the Upper West Side. Up till the early 1990s, the UWS was a violent, dangerous place filled with lots of tenament housing. It was only in the 1990s that gentrification landed on the UWS. This entire area is about 1000 times safer than it was 30 years. NYC is the safest it has ever been.

        If you hate progressive politics, why do you even live in a city like NYC. It’s not a coincidence that progressive communities are often the most economically robust. Progressivism leads to more acceptance of diversity and diversity has a casual effect on innovation. NYC is amazing, robust, and growing because of our progressive gov’t. There is violence everywhere but for a city of our size, the level of violent crime is ridiculously low.

        • Ecobill says:

          Bravo!! Very well said. I wish to remind those that find the UWS so intolerable that there are assisted living facilities in the surrounding suburbs where they can live in an antiseptic physical and mental environment. Their excitement will be limited to someone yelling “bingo” every once in a while.

          • Maude says:

            To the people who is commenting “what issues, what violence, this NYC administration ahem is great and voted for this Mayor again and is okay to have shelters and criminals living in their neighborhoods won’t feel the same if something horrible happens to them or their loved ones. (I am cruelly hoping that something awful happens to them because then they come back to say they finally get reality). Not say jailing people is the answer but shelters should be somewhere located in a area to allow people who needs assistance to learn to built a community and solution to help themselves thrive. Also this is 2019, not 1990; move forward, what pass passed, you don’t go back to talk about back in the days. Those are memories but new generations are coming in and we don’t need crimes.

      • Parker says:

        Yet no complaint that a 17 and 18 year old had possession of an unlicensed gun? That should scare you, Joe. That should scare you a lot. If you want a safer community, I hope you’re voting for candidates that are committed to gun control reform.

      • UWSJay says:

        I believe this is known as “concern trolling”.

    2. wombatNYC says:

      This is one of those cases where we should have No Trial or Jury . Immediate removal from society.

    3. Dave says:

      Captain Lynch recently mentioned at the 24th Precinct Community meeting that gang related crime was not significant in the 24th precinct.

    4. Somesone's Mom says:

      Wait for the summer, Smoking right in the plaza, were kids play or in the laundry room Wise Towers Plaza , All Summer Long Where are are the Police?? Most Live at 589,133,117,0r 74 west 92, Nasty!!!!!

    5. JerryV says:

      UWSJoe says, So where are Rosenthal and Deblasio on this midday murder?” Wow! Who knew that they were were the ones who killed this guy and were caught by the police? Maybe it was Obama; it has been suggested that he actually started WWII, so I wouldn’t put it past him to have participated in this murder.

    6. Nmh212 says:

      These young men are our neighbors whom we have failed to integrate in our community or to instill with the most basic values, despite all the resources of the UWS. A horrible tragedy for us all.

      • Howard Freeman says:

        These two men are to blame. But there is historical context that’s important: with the cooperation of the city, Robert Moses removed whole communities and put residents into city housing, like these two projects where these boys — adolescents — lived. City housing sucks. They’re gang incubators. Residents live in fear and discomfort. These boys need redirection, for sure. But they are still impressionable; they’re KIDS! Let’s realize that we as voters make things happen at the policy level and elect leaders who appoint people like Moses who tear up the fabric of communities that could otherwise nurture boys like these.

      • Joe says:

        Um, “we failed”. No, the perps and their parents “failed”.

    7. Tim says:

      Oh stop… This AO is the safest it’s been in decades. I was born and raised on the UWS. I’ve seen much, much worse… So hyperbolic rants by paranoid, scared FOX viewers are just stuff I step into now and again in the park and lend no help to solve the more important issues 🙂

      The UWS is almost a sleepy suburb now compared to it’s earlier self. Broadway is a ghost town after 10PM. There is literally nothing open… One strip of Bro bars on Amsterdam and a few other scattered locations are active, but overall this area is a sleepy community. Sadly even sleepy little communities have crimes occur and that makes the fewer examples we see now stand out even more. They are not good things and are tragic… But the frequency they happen is soooo much lower. Can we make it better? Sure! But over the top rants about non existent rampant crimes are cynical attempts to gin up support for GOP nonsense…

      In any event, a big “Nope!” fer the initial rant… Get a wahmbulance and call whine one one… I’ll bring the cheese fer the whine fest

      Hugs all

      “…How many more rapes, robberies and murders will it take for Upper West Siders to get angry?..”

      On the current scale, lots more…

      • Cato says:

        Tim says: “Oh stop. This AO is the safest it’s been in decades.”

        “AO”?? Please translate to English so we can get an idea of what you’re talking about.

    8. EAMwest says:

      Fact: NYC is at its lowest crime rates in recorded history.
      Fact: Cy Vance is not prosecuting violent crimes.
      Fact: The “homeless junkies” and the “homeless zombies” that you speak of are mentally ill. They generally commit quality of life crimes and go to jail overnight or not at all and are back on the street in 10 minutes. There’s no mental healthcare for them and you can’t just make them disappear.

    9. robert says:

      The 24 does a great job for us all here in our community. Thanks to them we live and/or work in a safe community. It should be noted that there has been an uptick some crime while others have gone down Based on the compstat numbers thru Dec 30th for the 24. We had 3 vs 2 murders, 15 vs 14 rapes, 140 vs 141 robberies, 122 vs 129 felony assaults, 597 vs 616 grand larceny, 56 vs 41 GLA and had 3 vs 3 shootings These are vs the years data for 2017. The numbers for 2018 vs 2016 are not as good for us, over that 2 year period there are double digit percentage gains in multiple categories.
      While we can not blame all of the crime issues in the city on the mayor, he is pushing an agenda that purposefully or not has created a feeling that once again you can get away with things in the city. The city did this in the early 1960’s of looking the other way and not prosecuting certain people and/or certain crimes. I’m old enough to remember the Judge “turn em loss Bruce” By the 70’s into the early 90’s the city was a basket case. There is a reason Rudy was elected as a conservative republican in a very liberal city. He got things cleaned up and made the city much safer for everyone. We are slipping back that way very quickly, areas of the city are starting to see a spike in violent crime. In the city as a whole there is a general feeling that it has become less safe. That is not something that in its early stages can not be measured in numbers but it has an effect on people wanting to move their company to NYC and/or themselves. Come for a visit or have their kids come here for college. Even after the subways and Times Square were cleaned up and crime was down year after year it took over a decade to shack that stigma NYC had gotten. That stigma has unfortunately started to return under this mayor. Just look at the farebeating numbers over 350K a day, the MTA is a mess but do the math against the $2.75. Look at the homeless situation in the city.

    10. “Jack fr the UWS” says:

      Having lived on the uws for over 45 years, we all know that we’re lucky to live in perhaps the safest big city in the world. How many times in the trillions of times you’ve walked down the street, have you witnessed a serious crime, much less a murder in broad daylight? Sounds like a lot of trump comments: “no trial, no jury, bye-bye”! Isn’t that what the authoritarian said to chuck and Nancy this week? Thank god we live in a city and state with predominantly progressive leaders who are working to make the city more equitable than ever: 3 years of virtual rent freeze, universal pre-k with head start on the way (to end cycle of poverty w early education), 24 hr access to mental health assistance, guaranteed legal assistance to all facing eviction (largely eliminating the possibility of all but the most deserved evictions), more homeless services than ever despite the burgeoning problems nationally as a result of heartlessly corrupt republican policies; GOP perpetually screwing nyc on federal funding required for NYCHA AND MTA, with help of the IDC in our state gov these years. I could go on forever. With all of the self created problem that the trump led GOP is causing, threatening all civilization, be glad for all the good fortune you have living in our city where there are people working to make a more just society- despite the efforts of the most rich and corruptly powerful. NO JISTICE, NO PEACE!!! Trump and people who share his views and support his methods should be tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity: irreparably separating CHILDREN from their families, rejecting climate changes, trillions in kick backs to the most wealthy and privileged, ignoring crumbling infrastructure despite 2 years of total government control. I can hear all of you saying what does this have to do with a random sad crime? You’re the ones who rushed to attach it to a broader social political reality- despite our incredibly fortunate circumstances. Thanks mayor de Blasio and our progressive city council leaders! Most of us appreciate you, despite the NY POST SMEAR TACTICS.

      • robert says:

        Having lived on the UWS for 54 years I must make a few comments on your post. What Trump actually said to Pelosi was if I give you what you want on a way to open the government will you afterwards work towards more border security? Pelosi said no, nada, nein, non etc
        By the way the 5.6B number being tossed around doesn’t just go for a wall or fence when Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Hilary voted for it. (You can watch it vid on CSPAN archives) It goes for more boarder agents, more immigration judges to speed up the process as well as the building of several state of the art facilities so that they can held in better conditions. Schumer is lived at Pelosi and his staffers in meetings over the past two weeks has moved of 0 to 2.5B for broader security. Pelosi conference is cracking. Several newly elected purple districts have been all over TV/Media saying there needs to be a compromise that gives everybody some of what they want and open the gov. Spanberger (D-Va.) is just one, there are several in California and 5 or 6 in the Midwest. With 200 GOP in the house they only need 18 Dems to side with them, 218 is a majority. Also that far right wing entertainer Cher -LOL- said in a tweet to Pelosi that she should give Trump his “F” ing money for the wall

    11. Peter Simmons says:

      I have lived on 101st St. for over 46 years and I HAVE SEEN IT ALL. I am out and about EVERY DAY! I was severely MUGGED in front of the 24th in the 90’s and I then had to enter the “SYSTEM” for over 1 year (Yes, a Grand Jury)! Yet, I lost to the drug lords that dominate this neighborhood due to “Dinkins” judges and law enforcement! “What color was the “Perpetrator’s Under Pants”?) was one of the questions, I, as the VICTIM, was asked by the lawless, lying, lawyer(?) for the PERP!! I found out the HARD WAY: The Haters will NEVER change and LYING is the major part of their “Play Book”! Check out all the “Rules for Radicals” by all the Lefty, Communists that desire NOTHING MORE than the destruction of OUR AMERICA… WARTS and ALL!!! NYC is a bubbling Cauldron of Marxist hate… so there is nothing that will speak a “Truth” to these “Useful Idiot’s” who will continue to attempt to “DESTROY OUR AMERICA”. A Multicultural, MultiEthnic…..Patriot…. P. Simmons

      • Bob Lamm says:

        Peter Simmons is in the lead for most memorable right-wing rant. So, according to him, New York City is a “bubbling cauldron of Marxist hate.” LOL. This news surely would surprise all the domestic and foreign billionaires who are building or buying new homes here. And BYL is in the lead for the most valuable question posted in this discussion: “If you hate progressive politics, why do you even live in a city like NYC?” 🙂

    12. robert says:

      PLS Note:
      The monthly 24 Precinct Community Council meeting is this Wednesday at 19.00 (7pm)
      It is held at the precinct 151 West 100th street, between Col & Amsterdam Avenues.
      The precinct command is there each month and the meeting is open to all, as well as the Q&A