Goddard Riverside Seeks Donations for Annual Christmas Meal

Photo by northofsweden.

Community social service organization Goddard Riverside is putting on its annual Christmas meal and is asking for donations of food or money. More info below:

“Goddard Riverside is seeking donations of money or food for its annual free Christmas meal for the community. Each year more than a thousand people enjoy the holiday spread at 593 Columbus Avenue (and 88th Street). In the process, they consume 120 turkeys, 38 gallons of cranberry sauce, 1100 cups of homemade stuffing, and more! Call Crystal Walker at 212-873-6600 x 1012 if you can help out with a gift, including turkeys — cooked or uncooked – pies, holiday cookies, vegetables, bread, or money to buy supplies.

The Christmas meal is part of Goddard’s commitment to investing in people and strengthening community. The agency, which traces its roots to the mid-1800s, offers 27 programs focused on children and youth, homelessness, housing, older adults, mental health, education and nutrition.”

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    1. Bob Lamm says:

      I’ve been volunteering at Goddard-Riverside’s Thanksgiving and Christmas meals since 2001. Wonderful turkey dinners are served to hundreds of people in the dining hall. In addition, volunteers bring meals to people who are homebound. And after the holiday meal ends people can get meals to take home. I encourage West Side Rag readers to help out with gifts or donations and to support Goddard-Riverside’s terrific work year-round.

    2. Gary says:

      Please post information on ways to get donations to Goddard Riverside

    3. Amy R. says:

      By the way, Crystal Walker may also be reached by email at CWalker@goddard.org. You can drop off your donated turkey, Christmas cookies, or dessert anytime this week M-F 10AM-5PM and Christmas Eve 11AM-2PM.