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By Jason Greenspan

I have been in the fitness business for 25 years and for the last 15 years have made it my mission to help as many men and women over the age of 50 lose weight, increase their stability and balance, protect them from injury and of course increase strength.

I opened Silver Stars Fitness in 2012 after realizing that most commercial clubs and personal training studios focus and cater to the younger crowd or athletes and the baby boomer and senior population was being left out.

Although Silver Stars has helped over a thousand New Yorkers in the last seven years, I’ve noticed among my travels to the commercial clubs that a good majority of fitness enthusiasts over 50 are still missing key elements that need to be addressed to help increase balance, protect from injury and of course increase overall strength.

The typical program by many is sit on the bike or walk on the treadmill and then go and SIT while performing multiple sets on the machines to build strength and then maybe do a couple of sets of crunches.

Although this approach is better than nothing, it is still a very small piece of the puzzle to being the best YOU can be.

The most important aspects that need to be addressed and that are surprisingly still being left out is a balance, core stability and a functional a strength component. Most people are still training like body builders when the majority of us don’t want to be body builders!


Every year one in three adults age 65 and older falls at least once. Over the past decade, deaths from falls have risen sharply for this age group, according to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And over 30% of people of over the age of 65 will suffer either a hip, knee, ankle or shoulder injury and over 40% of those that suffer from a hip fracture will die within a year.

HOW TO INCREASE BALANCE: Perform static and dynamic balances along with strengthening the foot, ankle, hips abs and butt muscles. In addition to proper gait mechanics and posture will go a long way.


Most people over the age of 50, has or is currently suffering from low back, knee, hip or shoulder pain. This is partly due to inactivity as the body weakens from disuse. And is also due to overuse or performing the wrong exercises or following an inadequate fitness program. By focusing on core stability before you start o lift weights will help build your “foundation” that will ultimately help prevent injury when you’re ready to start challenging yourself with the weights.


Focus on movements that address the muscles of the hip, buttock abdominals and the spine. YOU WOULD NOT START OFF WITH CRUNCHES! Incorporate planks, bridges, bird dogs, side planks and rotator cuff exercises to help build stability around your shoulder.


After the age of 50, adults typically lose about 1% of their leg strength and 0.5% of their bone density every year. If this doesn’t sound serious, consider that decreased leg strength- not dementia or incontinence- is the biggest predictor of loss of independence among people over the age of 50. And if that’s not enough to swallow- after the age of 30 we lose about a half a pound of muscle tissue per year if we don’t participate in a regular strength training program. This can lead to increased aches and pains and injury and not to mention, not being able to do functional tasks as effectively


Make sure you’re on a regular strength training program twice a week. Increase the challenge of the exercises once it becomes too easy. And make sure you’re performing exercises that make sense to you and not bodybuilders. So the first step would be to get off the machines and perform exercises standing.

We stand in real life to push and pull objects. We sit to stand or squat numerous times throughout the day and we also lunge, climb steps and rotate our body. The movements should simulate real life that requires you to use your core and to balance.

If you’re over 50 and are serious about wanting to lose weight, improving your balance, decrease your risk of injury or just want to get stronger, call or email us to set up your free consultation.

Ask about our personal training or small group training programs and our accountability program that will help you stay motivated and keep you on track to accomplish your goals.

See the full Silver Stars class schedule here.

Balance classes are on Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m. and Fridays at 11.


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Jason Greenspan is the CEO and founder of Silver Stars Fitness. He has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry. Jason is certified by the American Council On Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Older Adult Fitness Specialist and a Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. He has been seen on CBS with Dr. Max Gomez and NY1 and has been featured in Men’s Fitness, NY Post, Washington Post and the Epoch Times. Jason is the published author of the award- winning book- Fitness For Real Life.

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