Friday: Outdoor Screenings of Met Opera Performances Start With ‘A Night at the Opera’

The Metropolitan Opera’s annual series of HD screenings of operas starts this Friday with A Night at the Opera, the classic Marx Brothers movie. Don’t worry opera fans, all the rest of the screenings are real operas, starting with Romeo and Juliet on Saturday. The screenings start between 7 and 8, depending on the opera.

The shows go on in Josie Robertson Plaza in the middle of the Lincoln Center Campus at 62nd Street. There are about 2,800 seats placed in the plaza, and the best seats in the house tend to be snagged early (in a controversial practice).

The festival runs through September 3. See the whole schedule here.

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    1. NotImpressed says:

      What a shame that they don’t have staff to prevent idiots from saving seats.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Get there earlier.

        • NotImpresssed says:

          Thanks, Ash.
          I like to bring my mother, who has dementia. It brings her a lot of joy but she can’t tolerate getting there earlier.
          But I’ll mention to her what you advised.

        • B flat says:

          I work until 6 and the h.d. fest is one of the few free cultural activities available to someone like me. Shakespeare in the park is out the question, but at least the process is fair and consistent. It would be a shame to force l.c. to police seat saving because of some people’s selfishness but it will probably need to come to that.