Two Famiglia Pizza Restaurants Shut Down Temporarily for Unrelated Reasons

Photo of the location on 111th Street by Peter Brandt

By Hannah Reale

Both Upper West Side branches of Famiglia’s Famous Pizza have been temporarily closed, for completely unrelated reasons.

Photo by Ken Connolly

The original Famiglia’s branch on 96th Street and Amsterdam Avenue has shuttered its doors for now due to construction in the building’s lobby. The Department of Buildings determined that the premises’ conditions were “immediately perilous to life,” posting on the front door: “This premises has been vacated and reentry is prohibited until such conditions have been eliminated to the satisfaction of the department.”

Photo by Peter Brandt

A more dramatic cause has led to the temporary closing of the Famiglia’s on 111th Street and Broadway: a fire on May 23rd. The branch plans to reopen but has yet to fully repair its interior.

A call to Famiglia’s headquarters yielded no further information about when either branch will be open again.

    1. UWSHebrew says:

      “immediately perilous to life”. Yeah, I don’t feel like being crushed to death over a slice of pizza. Thank you Department of Buildings!

    2. Peter Brandt says:

      Thanks for the credit line, wish you had used more of my pictures, especially the long line of firemen helping out !

    3. Bill Williams says:

      Why would you eat Famiglia at either location when you have Sal and Carmine’s in the the neighborhood?

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Blech. Give me Mama’s Too! any day.

      • RW10025 says:

        THANK YOU. people need to know how bad their pizza is to a native New Yorker from Brooklyn.
        They have pedestrian gummy soggy disgusting pizza at Famiglia!

        Yeah, Eat at sal and carmines. Try the newer pizzeria Little Italy on the corner of 92nd and Broadway. Is delicious!

      • Mark Moore says:

        Famiglia is the kind of pizza that when you turn a slice over, nothing falls or drips off. But if you’re into that, you can get Famiglia at a rest stop on the NY Thruway. No thanks.

    4. erica bessette says:

      awful pizza
      WHERE can you get a GREAT slice between 86th and 96th Street ???

    5. V says:

      I would love for another Mamas Too to move into their 111th street space. Never di like Famiglia pizza. Come to Mamas!!

    6. shesays says:

      I’m hope Mama’s Too has stopped its price increases. Went from 3.50 to 4.00 to 4.50 … and the service is wretched. I’ll bet anything the price goes up to 5.00 before the end of summer …

      • tk says:

        for a slice???

      • UWSHebrew says:

        I’m glad Mama’s Too! are raising their prices. They use the best ingredients I’ve ever seen in a pizza joint, and I do not want them to close if they cannot pay their expenses.

    7. Bruce Rutherford says:

      I beg to differ from all of you Famous
      Famiglia naysayers. Their pizza and red-sauce dishes — though priced a bit high — were damn good. And before their closing, which has been over a month now, the store at 96 & Amsterdam made the kind prompt deliveries that you could set your watch to. Having said all of that, if they don’t re-open within three weeks I’ll find another favorite (and my exclusive) area pizzeria. Can you hear me now Famous?