Car Bursts Into Flames In Front of the Apthorp

A car that initially appeared to be overheating suddenly burst into flames on Sunday night in front of the Apthorp on Broadway between 78th and 79th Streets. Ronald sent us the photo above and the description below.

“At around 9 PM Sunday evening a car pulled up right in front of the gate of the Apthorp Apartments on Broadway.  It was steaming and overheating. The man got out and looked at the engine which began heavily smoking and, with a woman still sitting in the front seat, people began shouting for the young couple to move away from the car.  The woman finally got out of the car just as the car violently burst into flames.  The entire courtyard of the building was filled a thick acrid, tar-smelling smoke.  Fire trucks soon arrived and put an end to the fire and to much of front end of the car.”

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    1. dannyboy says:

      I’ll bet that the Apthorpe gets that car removed ASAP!

      • UWS_lifer says:

        I agree with Dannyboy. Leave the burned out car there as long as possible. Maybe we can regain that 1970’s South Bronx vibe here on the UWS. I hear they don’t even let people sell drugs (or worse!) in Needle Park anymore.

        These darn rich people really are ruining the city, right?

        • dannyboy says:

          Where in your head did you hear me say: “Leave the burned out car there as long as possible. Maybe we can regain that 1970’s South Bronx vibe here on the UWS. I hear they don’t even let people sell drugs (or worse!) in Needle Park anymore.”???

          You are replying to your own thought to be provocative, I suspect.

        • AC says:

          That car was removed before even dannyboy finished his post. The Apthorp has so much money in their coffers (from Common Charges), they don’t need to wait on city services. On any other block or avenue, that car would have remained as an eyesore for several weeks!

      • Centrist Sal says:

        Nothing like a little Class Antagonism / Wealth Antagonism to jazz-up an otherwise mundane Monday, eh!

        Hint: the C.P. left town a long Time ago.

        • dannyboy says:

          You are no “Centrist” Sal. Accusing others of participating in the Communist Party (C.P.) is McCarthyism!

          Stop hurling accusations, it’s ugly.

          • Rob G. says:

            Come on Dannyboy – you can’t troll a blog with a transparent and provocative comment then get all pouty that someone took the bait and threw it back in your face. Poor thing, you.

            • dannyboy says:

              Rob, you post an ad hominem that violates WSR terms for commenting:

              “Do not make false or misleading statements”

              “Post a comment that relates to the topic of the post”

              So besides lying and hijacking the thread, what else have you contributed?

      • David says:

        The Apthorp gets what it deserves. Management had an F.U. relationship with the neighborhood (never cleaned up dog poop or snow on the side streets [78th or 79th Street] or the West End side of the building, kept their dumpsters out on the street for days, etc).

    2. Paul RL says:

      Is it my imagination or has the Upper West Side become the Car-Bursting-Into-Flames Capital of New York City?

    3. Wendy says:

      Uh oh. Have renovations finished chez The Apthorp ? A blood relative may’ve worked there pre-WW2. A similar bldg. in Harlem, N.Y.C.. Hope that, that Car was NOT hacked ; computer-wise. Hope that the owner[s ?] have insurance .

    4. Ella Lasky says:

      What ‘brand’ of car?

    5. John says:

      What kind of car? Our son had a parked VW Golf that exploded in the front engine compartment and burst into flames. Fire trucks came and put out the fire but we never knew what caused it. It was not a break in, just spontaneous. Luckily no one was even near the car.

    6. Coco says:

      It’s a late model Mercedes e-class

      • Larry says:

        Coco, I love a woman that knows her cars

        • UWS_lifer says:

          This is so offensive, not to mention sexist. Haven’t you heard…it’s the #MeToo era. How dare you?

          This is sarcasm for those of you who forgot and are trying way too hard to be offended by everything.

      • dannyboy says:

        Thought it might be one of those Pintos with that kinda’ problem.