All Angels Takes to the Streets on Ash Wednesday

By Carol Tannenhauser

“Providence” brought a woman named Lila — new to New York City and the Upper West Side — to the corner of West 80th Street and Broadway this Ash Wednesday afternoon, according to Chelsea Horvath, Director of Community Ministry for All Angels’ Church at 251 West 80th Street. Horvath and others from the church “took to the streets to offer prayer and ashes to anyone who would like to receive them, but didn’t get a chance to get to church,” she said.

“Amazing!” Lila exclaimed, with a British accent. “I’ve just moved to the neighborhood and haven’t had time to find a church yet.”

As Horvath marked Lila’s forehead with a cross of ashes, she said, “I pray that as she settles into New York City and this neighborhood that You will help her to find roots here.”

“See you Sunday!” Lila replied, ecstatically.

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    1. Tom says:

      I wish I had known about this.

    2. dannyboy says:

      Lila, welcome to the neighborhood!

    3. CB says:

      Saint Michael’s Church (Episcopal), which is at Amsterdam and 99th, did the same thing during the morning and evening rush hours at the 96th Street IRT station. They called it “Ashes to Go” 🙂

    4. Shannon Hackett says:

      St. Michael’s Episcopal offers Ashes to commuters at the 1-2-3 station at 96th, as well as offering Ashes and prayers all day at the church at 99th/100th and Amsterdam. All are welcome!