City Draws Temporary Crosswalks and Faint Lane Lines on West End

West End Avenue between 60th and 72nd Streets got some temporary crosswalks last week after going months without lane or crosswalk markings following a repaving job. The DOT had said just two weeks ago that it “does not install temporary crosswalks,” but the streets do have some rough markings now at intersections.

The photo below shows the South side of 72nd Street with the temporary crosswalk, and the North side with the permanent crosswalk and lane lines.

The delays have alarmed some pedestrians, because of the history of aggressive driving on West End.

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    1. BillUWS says:

      Our ‘Vision Zero’ mayor was in Iowa and talking to Politico about Progressive ideology when the city can’t perform a basic task like painting lines.

      This is dangerous. What will it take for action?

    2. veronica says:

      Our mayor goes to Iowa to advise the locals on the dangers of injury from cows at intersections there. Truly, a mayor for our time. A man of the people,

    3. Brian says:

      Busy 96th Street has also lacked visible crosswalks and other markings after being repaved many weeks (months?) ago.

    4. Judith Love says:

      Northbound drivers on West End don’t stop. I don’t think they see temporary lines. Many elderly people crossing there. Why can’t they paint the bright white lines?

    5. Same problem in Hell’s Kitchen. 10 ped Crossings are missing and the excuse is that striping cannot be done in winter.
      You would think they plan properly for that .
      Very dangerous particularly in teh evening and at night.

    6. APF says:

      What about the crosswalks at 96th. Their absence makes an already dangerous intersection, more dangerous.

    7. Zeus says:

      Our newly re-elected mayor, the honorable (not!)
      William Gahndi de Blassio, goes to Iowa, pushing his agenda to run for POTUS, while all along simple cross walks lines can not be painted on a very dangerous and highly traveled intersection.

      Yup, Mr. Mayor – get a grip on reality.
      You were lucky to get elected 4 years ago, and more so last month.
      Now 0 grow the F up and do your duties to your subjects.

      • T. Ruth Mattas says:

        FACT CHECK:
        1)”the honorable (not!)William Gahndi de Blassio,….”

        ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA: “Bill de Blasio (ONE “S”) was born Warren Wilhelm Jr…His father left the family…. Bill … took his mother’s maiden name, de Blasio, in 2002.”

        2) “You were lucky to get elected 4 years ago, and more so last month.”

        ACCORDING TO REUTER’S: “(in November) de Blasio won nearly 65 percent, a margin of 35 percentage points over his Republican opponent….”

        3) “do your duties to your subjects.”

        The people of NYC are NOT the Mayor’s “subjects”; we are his constituents AND the Mayor shares power with the City Council, he is NOT a King.

        Oh, yeah, and the mayor does NOT personally paint crosswalks.

        • Zeus says:

          T. Ruth,
          You should get back in touch with your long lost sense of humor.
          Our mayor acts like a king, ergo – we are the subjects.
          No matter what percentage he got in the last election, he basically ran unopposed in the primary and no one who’s not a democrat can win in NYc.
          And the Gahndi reference is his own, being that he likened himself to the legend from India.
          So, again, get a grip on reality and try to smile once in awhile.
          Cheers for the new year and all else good things to come your way and the way of all of humanity.

    8. Pumpkinpie says:

      It took many months (and plenty of calls and complaints) just to get the extremely faint outlines of crosswalks on the stretch of West End Avenue from 72nd to 59th. How many more months will pass before the visible, larger and “official” lines are painted? Cars cannot see the lines as they exist now. It’s only a matter of time before someone (pedestrian or driver) is injured or worse. It seems that road paving and upkeep in the City is going the same route as the subway. Straight to Hell.

    9. Le Flaneur says:

      Part of an oft-repeated Southwest Airlines’ Pre-Flight Instruction: “…if you don’t know how to operate a seat belt you probably shouldn’t be out in public unsupervised.”

      Same goes for those who don’t know how to cross a street without a fancy-schmancy crosswalk.