A Promising Sign for Fans of H Mart, the Big New Korean Market Coming to the UWS

H Mart, a Korean chain that sells a wide variety of specialty foods, is opening a new market on 110th and Broadway, and there’s been quite a lot of construction work going on inside and out. Our tipster “Flash” sent in the photo above from the inside of the store — zooming in, it’s clear that there are boxes of food on the shelves already.

A worker in the store told Flash that he thinks it will be opening soon, probably within a month. H Mart typically offers a wide variety of Asian foods and ingredients, including prepared foods and fruits and vegetables. It will be the second H Mart in Manhattan.

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    1. Sarah says:

      Can’t come soon enough!

    2. Jeff says:

      This is super exciting. I do mini-treks every few weeks to the Herald Square H Mart for its lights-out kimchi, not to mention rice cakes, lotus root and bamboo. It also has excellent deals on produce (e.g. ginger and all kinds of greens).

      I’d also note that this is the latest example of the northern UWS becoming a hub for great Asian food.

    3. chris says:

      Very exciting…can’t wait. Any idea of when they will open?

    4. David says:

      Wonderful. Fewer trips out to Fort Lee. I wonder if they’ll have the mountains of fish that they have out at Ft. Lee. I’ll bet they give uptown Fairway a run for their money. But Fairway has parking.

    5. Jessica says:

      So close but so far! Come to the 70s!!!

    6. kayson212 says:

      Very cool. The growing Asian population at Columbia is helping usher in a wave of tasty new stores and restaurants.

    7. Sherman says:

      H Mart is great. They sell stuff at a reasonable price that generally isn’t available at non-Asian supermarkets.

      Now I don’t have to travel down to 32nd Street to get decent kimchi.

      • Jen says:

        Just FYI – Trader Joe’s and Pioneer supermarket have kimchi. Pioneer has more authentic and slightly cheaper kind. If I’m not mistaken same container of the same kind is more expensive at H Mart.

        But H Mart is amazing nevertheless. Going there sometimes twice a week.

    8. Cintra says:

      It’s wonderful to have an HMart store opening up in my neighborhood. Once a year, I’ll drive East to Great Neck, Long Island to visit my friend & have my tax done. After that, I walk across the street to HMart and Load up & Pile up on 2 weeks of Korean food. Now I can just splurge on Korean food in my own neighborhood. 😊

    9. Marci says:

      Be still my beating heart! You just made my day with this news.