Balloon Shop Hoists Inspiring Message Above Amsterdam Avenue After Terrorist Attack

Balloon Kings at 207 West 80th Street created a balloon array above Amsterdam Avenue at 80th Street to celebrate New York in the wake of Wednesday’s terrorist attack along the West Side Highway.

The shop is raising money for victims on Go Fund Me.

Top photo by the NYPD’s 20th precinct. Bottom photo by Mark Berman.

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    1. Odette says:

      Was incredibly moved when I saw this afternoon. A beautiful gesture by great New Yorkers.

    2. Billy Amato says:

      Balloon Kings at 207 West 80th Street is right on top and very caring to our community, our block and to all New Yorkers.
      Billy Amato Pres. West 80th Street Block Assoc.

    3. Toni Stanley says:

      One can only hope they are as caring and careful in making sure that the balloons are not released into the air as they are a huge cause of bird and other wildlife death.

    4. Jonathan says:

      Thanks so much for your beautiful and uplifting display. It really cheered me up this afternoon