Early morning in Strawberry Fields. “Imagine all the tourists gone for just one day…” Photo by Stephen Harmon.

July 24, 2017 Weather: Rainy and then cloudy, with a high of 74 degrees.

Outdoor music and movies and more local events on our calendar.

We got this question from a reader: “Can anyone tell me the name of the restaurant on West 72nd street in the late 1970s – 1985 that was managed by a Ethan Robbins, the husband of Mary Travis of Peter, Paul and Mary?”

A 4-year-old boy wandered into the pond in Central Park on Saturday, but luckily a Good Samaritan was there. “A tourist from Spain jumped in and rescued the boy who wandered into Swan Lake near 59th Street and 5th Avenue around 8:30 p.m., authorities said. The boy was never submerged in the water, he was standing up, but the tourist was able to get to him before he went any deeper.”

Looking for an apartment? There’s a nice $70,000 one on the market at 15 Central Park West. That’s $70,000 a month! “Unfortunately, there is no private outdoor space, but with Central Park being so close by, who needs it?”

A real estate company is having trouble selling a building on 75th street. “After putting a 159-unit Upper West Side rental building on the market for $115 million ($1,400 a foot) in late 2015 with little luck, Simon Baron Developmentis now asking $85 million ($1,044 a foot) for the property, a chop of 26 percent. The 16-story, 81,399-square-foot elevator building at 166 West 75th Street is known as the AMSTRDM.”

The work being done at 71st and Broadway to repair damage from an underground fire earlier this month continues, with one person telling us that he’s hearing drilling all through the night.

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    1. Leon says:

      If they spelled the name of the Amstrdm properly they might get more money for it…

    2. Bob Lamm says:

      If your reader wants to ask a question involving the late, wonderful Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary, it would be nice to spell her name correctly. I did a profile of Mary and spent an entire day with her. She was not only a terrific singer but a passionate feminist and a dedicated fighter for human rights all over the world.

    3. Mady Goldstein says:

      The restaurant was Paulson’s on West 72nd Street. My husband and I went there regularly. The food and ambiance was GREAT!
      Check spelling on Paulsons…..And upstairs was a cabaret type theatre!

      Ah, the good old days!

      • WeirdThatWay says:

        Palssons, I think, something exotic. We loved going there.

      • KL185 says:

        Palssons — started with Scandinavian food with house-smoked salmon. Later morphed into more standard fare. Had a great chocolate mud cake.

    4. NORMA COOPER says:

      was the restaurant called COPPER HATCH??? on 72nd st….

      • Diane says:

        The Copperhatch was between WEA and AMSTERDAM. It was the pick up bar that led to an infamous murder in 1973 – later made into a disturbing movie starring Diane Keaton. It was called Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          that movie was so sad. she was great in it, playing the lonely teacher.

        • Old Judge says:

          The bar in Looking for Mr. Goodbar was W. M. Tweeds which morphed into the (greatly lamented) All State Cafe. It was on the south side of 72nd between West End and Broadway.

      • Joel says:

        I think the Copper Hatch was on Amst. and 78th St.

      • bornandraised says:

        The Copper Hatch was on 78th and Amsterdam

        • KL185 says:

          There was a Copper Hatch on 72nd between WEA and Broadway in the early ’80’s, on the north side of the street.

    5. Bruce Rutherford says:

      Only seventy grand a month? What the hell, I’ll rent two of them!

    6. Chris says:

      Great apartment for our current Mayor to rent once he finishes losing the next election

    7. Independent says:

      “Imagine all the tourists gone for just one day…”

      Imagine all the income that tourists generate daily for the City’s economy and tax coffers gone for just one day…

      Interesting juxtaposition between, on one hand, the sentiment (quoted above) expressed in the photo caption for this entry and, on the other, one of the stories covered in the entry itself:

      “A tourist from Spain jumped in and rescued the boy who wandered into Swan Lake

      Perhaps even more interesting is the amount of touristophobia that has been exhibited on this site– (often, at least) from the very same individuals who do not hesitate to attack and condemn as “racist”, “bigoted”, “xenophobic”, “Islamophobic” [sic], “hateful” and any number of other choice epithets anyone who is less-than-comfortable with unchecked, mass third-world-immigration into this and other Western nations.

    8. Reader says:

      The Copper Hatch was on W72nd and the Copper Hatch II was on Amsterdam.

    9. Priscilla says:

      C’mon, is that photoshopped?

    10. Sandra Griebel says:

      On restaurant W 72…could have been Rupperts,
      which my husband Doug Griebel owned or maybe it was the italian place Parrettis. It may have been O’Neil brothers, going way back.

    11. Sandra Griebel says:

      Would love to track Ethan down, if anyone knows of his whereabouts!!
      Sandra Griebel

    12. Jimbo says:

      Any one remember THE NICKLES BAR???