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By Ernie Fritz

For the last four weeks, all of the lighting on paths leading into Central Park at the West 85th and West 86th entrances, and the area near West Drive and the Reservoir in the park, has been dark at night. After numerous complaints by local residents to 311 and the offices of local City Council member Helen Rosenthal, it appears that the Parks Department has heard the complaints. About a week ago, supplemental lighting in the form of a portable lighting tower (at least to one section) was brought in, which would indicate that they “are working on it.”

Still, it is inadequate, according to Max Felder, a local resident, “quite a few of us walk our dogs there at night and it is completely pitch black at night.”  He did mention that most of the people walking dogs these days have put lighted LED collars on their dogs by which they can see where their dog has gone. “Now that is so dark in that area, it’s quite funny to see all these different colored lights roaming around the area.” Nevertheless, “fixing the problem would be better” he added.

It is unclear exactly what the issue with these lighting fixtures or electrical system is, and so far, request for more information from the Central Park Conservancy have gone unanswered.

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    1. “and it is completely pitch black at night”

      Imagine that!

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Why don’t you go walk in the park where there is no lighting. Perhaps then you won’t be so smug.

    2. ScooterStan says:

      Perhaps the C.P.C. (relax, old lefties; that’s Central Park Conservancy, NOT…well, you know).

      Anyway, the C.P.C. could pipe in recordings of “Central Park in the Dark”, which Wikipedia describes as “a music composition by Charles Ives for CHAMBER orchestra.”

      And since the park has so few public toilets, perhaps they could also supply … CHAMBER POTS ?

    3. Beth says:

      The Conservancy has its many faults but they’re not responsible for the park lighting. That’s the Parks Dept. and the DOT. The lighting has been faulty for years. A lot of times they’re on all day long. Wasteful but not dangerous like the issue in this article.

    4. Dresden says:

      Same has been happening in Riverside Park in the 90s & low 100s for the past few years. …complaints have fallen on deaf ears 🙁

    5. Millicent says:

      Wandering dogs??? Off leash. How do you clean up their poop if you cannot see properly??