stephen remembered

Locals will gather at the Christian Community Church on 74th Street on Sunday, April 30 at 4 p.m. to commemorate a homeless man who would sit on benches in Riverside Park. The man, whose name was Stephen, is believed to be the man found dead last month in the park. As of last week, he had not been identified by police — that’s not uncommon when a homeless person dies.

People have been writing remembrances and placing flowers on a bench on 75th Street in the park where Stephen used to sit.

stephen memorial

Photos by Gretchen Berger.

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    1. Wendy says:

      Almost Russian Orthodox Easter, 2017. My goodness, all of us former rough sleepers, who’ve survived so far. There was a Woman, who attended Funerals, so that everyone could have Someone who noticed them in that way ? n.b. Stephen Ministries. Remember the book, &, the movie @ the funeral/undertaker business; @ 30 years ago ? Ah, a Community Church re a community. I don’t like being forced to set aside @$4,000 for my future funeral, if in N.Y.C.; [a long story].

      • Independent says:


        From this and other comments of yours, it sounds as if you have been through a lot and I am sorry to hear that. If I have understood you correctly, however, it also sounds as if things are now improved for you. I certainly hope that is the case and extend my best wishes that your life continues to improve.

        “There was a Woman, who attended Funerals, so that everyone could have Someone who noticed them in that way”

        Certainly a kind gesture as are the efforts for the man reported on in this story. Sad indeed to think of all the people who are not missed or even remembered by anyone when their day comes to depart this earthly plane (as I am afraid we all must do some day, much as we may delude ourselves otherwise). Even sadder though, I would say, to think of all those who have no one who cares about them or for them while alive. “All the lonely people…”. For all who are blessed to never know such pain and solitude, it is all too easy to take for granted what are great blessings. These are the type of things few who are young, healthy and successful give much thought to. While not that old, I’m old enough to be able look back to my youth and marvel at my own relative blissful denial (on some level, at least) of these tough realities of life. We are all so fragile and anyone’s circumstances can change from comfortable and secure to very much the opposite, G-d forbid, in a little as a mere moment (and, sometimes, at least, vice-versa as well). There is much profund truth in the old saying, “There but for the grace of G-d go I.”

        Do you have any connection to the Russian (Eastern) Orthodox Church? Just curious, since you mentioned their celebration of Easter. Do you know when their Christmas is?

        Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it was/is/will be enjoyable and meaningful for you.

        Take care and G-d bless,

        Independent/ UWS Dissident