“Did someone call my name?”

The ballots are in, and the most popular dog breed on the Upper West Side for 2016 is… the Labrador Retriever!

Labs were the most popular breed nationwide. For New York City, the French Bulldog took the prize, with Labs coming in second, according to the American Kennel Club. (But of course, the true New York City icon is and always will be the mutt.)

Here’s the breakdown by neighborhood:

Photo by Hessyz.

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    1. Independent says:

      The neighborhood presence of (well-behaved and non-hostile) dogs (as well as children) provides much joy, solace and amusement– not just for their owners but for countless others as well. Unfortunately, nuisances such as sidewalks strewn with disgusting and unsanitary messes as well as ruined trees and flowers continue to plague the neighborhood, thanks to derelict dog owners and walkers.

      Perhaps there is some way that the American Kennel Club could help in this ongoing battle?

    2. Cosmo says:

      There’s probably a dog in our future, and you can bet ours will be a mutt or a rescue. There are lots of dogs that that need owners and our plan is to reduce the number by one. And yes, I’ll clean up afterwards.

      • Tom says:

        I agree with you. I myself is a owner of a yellow lab here on the Upper West Side. I don’t think these numbers accurately represent the actual population of the dogs in each area. I’m sure the AKC used the numbers they got from their registered dogs, mostly purebreds. NYC dept of Health has more accurate figures because dog owners are required to register their dogs.

    3. JIM says:

      interesting Washington Heights: French Bulldog.. I am in that area a lot in my travels and I have yet to see one,maybe they meant pitbulls which is a bulldog breed which there are plenty of….as for the French bulldog adorable dog,but if you like giving money to veterinarian thats the breed for you.

    4. Sarah says:

      Yeah, I suspect that “bulldog” is a euphemism for “pit bull.” You see a lot of pitties in the EV…not so many actual bulldogs.

    5. John says:

      And NOW my day is fulfilled. Thank you

    6. Robbie says:

      Love that such a large majority of the dogs on the upper West side, whether they are purebred or wonderful mutts, such as ours, are rescues.

    7. MSH says:

      Not a big surprise! But elsewhere, what’s with the bulldogs!?

    8. Jim says:

      Most popular UWS dog is a Labrador Retriever? Maybe among those dogs registered with AKK but who does that? I see lots of 12 pound pups and medium size mixed breeds.

    9. J says:

      yeah…I think ‘bull dog’ is for the pit breed type mixes…..on UWS…I’ve seen more and more of them….which, in my opinion is a good thing….the UES with King Charles…that might be true..however, thinking more shitzu or yorkie for UESers…

    10. Elizabeth M. says:

      We have an old English Sheepdog and he is the center of attention wherever he goes and everyone wants his picture.
      Sheepies may be less common but they rule

    11. dtillyer says:

      What? No mention of Hell’s Kitchen?

    12. dude says:

      most popular dog on the UWS is a “rescued one” adoptdontshop!

      • Gail says:

        Thank You….There are a Lot of rescues because of How many Puppymills are out there.. The AKCs bread n Butter is why they turn the other cheek and rake in all that Profit from the Misery these poor dogs endure

    13. Gail says:

      The most popular Dogs of the AKC are the ones who fit easier in those Puppymill cages..They make a lot of money on the Mills…..Look it up