A Halloween display on 69th Street. Photo by Christina.

October 17, 2016 Weather: Sunny, with a high of 81 degrees.

Concerts, book readings and many more local events are on our calendar.

Free flu shots on Wednesday at Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal’s office at 230 West 72nd Street. Please call 212.873.6368 or email to schedule your appointment today.

Some Trump Place residents told Buzzfeed they were embarrassed to live in the buildings (the buildings aren’t owned by Trump anymore, but they have his name in front). “Everything is marble, but the walls are really thin and sort of shabby,” said one resident. “I always say, if he runs the country like he made this building, we’re in trouble.”

The battle over chimpanzees in Liberia has pitted two nonprofits — the Humane Society and the NY Blood Center — against each other. We’ve covered the contentious protests about this on 86th Street. “The blood center insists it tried to find a long-term solution for the care of the chimps, which are owned by Liberia, but was ignored. The blood center offered about $1 million toward the lifetime care, said Kathleen Conlee of The Humane Society, which wants to build a permanent chimp sanctuary in Liberia. Capital costs for the project would be $3 million. The Humane Society wanted the blood center to pitch in more, but talks broke down in August, Conlee said. ‘They created the problem, even taking chimps out of the wild,’ she said.”

A naked man running around Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus on Sunday was pinned down by police. “Fordham Lincoln Center Public Safety could not confirm at this time whether the naked man was a Fordham student, and provided no further information.”

Jeffrey Seller, the producer of Rent and Hamilton, is converting an 8-unit townhouse on Riverside Drive into a personal mansion. It had been operating as a bed and breakfast.

A woman at The Ormonde on 70th Street says mold in her apartment is making her and her daughter sick.

A man caught jumping the turnstile at 66th Street had a gun with hollow point bullets, police said.

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    1. Mark says:

      I’m never lucky enough to see naked men running around in public.
      Not fair!!

    2. Sarah says:

      There’s a nice Halloween display on 103d between WEE and Broadway, if you’re looking for examples….

    3. jsf35mm says:

      The chimps in Liberia and the Blood Center deserves more space than a naked fool running around! The Blood Center created the problem and have badly abused the surviving chimps by letting them STARVE on that island.Don’t forget folks that the BloodCenter bought, raised and inoculated these creatures with every likely disease possibility to ascertain that their blood products, WHICH THEY SELL, SO THAT WE CAN HAVE ‘CLEAN’ BLOOD. Now that they don’t need them any longer, they want the Liberian Govt. to take care of them. These are the cfreatures who lived in small crates. They got them onto this island, but they don’t want to be responsible for feeding/watering them. The chimps are on an island and THEY CANNOT SWIM so unless food/water is provided they starve.Don’t you think we should force the Blood Center to live up to their original agreement?

    4. cc says:

      re: comments about TRUMP – why do you make New Yorkers sound so superficial and lame?

    5. Jane B. says:

      Re: the Trump buildings. Years ago when we were fighting against them being built..I picketed and my sign said DUMP TRUMP. I should have held on to the sign. His wall of buildings are right behind my apartment.

    6. Karen Bruno says:

      If the Trump residents are so unhappy why don’t they move. I call this article BS. Trump apartments are not cheap if they were so unhappy they would not be paying top dollar!

    7. janet Fried says:

      Man people hated Trump buildings on Riverside Boulevard when they went up.The architects think they are without any merit. He probably intimidated people into giving him the zoning rights to build them.

      He was supposed to build a school but managed to wriggle out of that one. How the DOEand the commissioner let him get away with it is an interesting question.

      Now the residents of Lincoln Towers are going to pay for that omission. Their kids will have to go to PS 191 ten blocks away.

      Working class people always pay the price so the rich can have their priviliges.

      • anon says:

        The Trump did not build a school or give the DOE a parcel to do so is the city’s fault, not Trumps.
        Are you actually calling the residents of Lincoln Towers working class? Working class people are paid hourly. A 2 bedroom apartment in LT is at least $1.5 million. I know they were built as Mitchell-Lama but the residents you are speaking of, with 4 year olds who will start K next year, have not been living there since the 60s. The LT residents who have bought in the last decade are UMC. The may be poorer than those in the Trump buildings but they are far from working class.

        • Lyri Clark says:

          Hi anon: I just have to tell you, I live in Lincoln Towers. Many many of us held on to our rental apartments and are seniors or just regular working people…that’s the truth of it. Not full service…not luxury just a regular group of buildings rather poorly cheaply built. Why new buyers pay so much says more about the buyers than the Buildings. They must really want to live here…who knows why.And what is UMC? Thanks.

    8. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “A man caught jumping the turnstile at 66th Street had a gun with hollow point bullets, police said.”

      Kudo’s to the alert officer who nabbed this “shtick dreck”!

      Hopefully the perp will be unable to do what he was planning to do…for at least maybe a day…until he’s set loose by some overwhelmed night court judge.

      • dannyboy says:

        “shtick dreck”

        gotta’ give you credit

        …clever way to get around the Moderator!

      • Brett Mann says:

        excellent job, scooter. i tried to post “(w)itch bath & beyonce”… what i’ve been calling BB&B for years (substitute the w with the correct letter)… and i got edited. silly-willy.

    9. Christina says:

      I used to live in the Ormonde and had the same issue as the woman and her daughter. The toilet in the unit above me was leaking creating mold in my bathroom that spread to the hallway. Their solution was to cut a big hole in my ceiling and never fix it so I lived for awhile with a huge hole in my bathroom ceiling. That then led to their dirty water dripping into my bathroom and the mold was still spreading. I moved out as soon as my lease ended because they were not going to fix the issue.

      I live in a Trump building now on Trump Place and I don’t have any issues with the walls being too thin. I think the construction is sound. I never hear my neighbors and they have 2 big dogs. There could be variance in the construction quality depending on when the building was built. No issues in mine…

    10. Independent says:

      Halloween displays as macabre as the one pictured are distasteful and offensive.

      Has anyone considered the pain and even trauma that such imagery could create for children as well as individuals who have come face-to-face, in one way or another, with morbidity and death? What about the role such displays may contribute in breeding and encouraging callousness and insensitivity in this area, especially among the young and most impressionable members of society? Are such displays consistent with an ethos in which the sanctity of life and human dignity is supreme?

      Then there is the matter, concerning contemporary secular observances of Halloween in general, of the profaning, mocking and desecration of sacred religious and spiritual concepts. One need not be Christian to be concerned and even troubled by this and the larger cultural and societal implications it has.