By Joy Bergmann

A man who says he tried to break up a dispute between two other men was rewarded with a slash to the arm Thursday, according to police.

At 1.35 pm Thursday, police received multiple 911 calls about an assault in progress near 79th Street and Broadway. Upon arrival, officers found a 46-year old man with a minor laceration to his arm. The victim had reportedly intervened in a verbal altercation between two other men at the scene and was sliced by a sharp object. The person believed to have sliced the victim then fled the scene.

Bystanders directed police to Riverside Park near 79th; a search of the area did not reveal any suspect. The other man involved in the altercation left the area before police arrived.

The victim refused medical attention and is being interviewed at the 20th Precinct. A police spokesperson said the incident is still being investigated, though they do believe the perpetrator may be a homeless individual.

Correction: because of an editing error, we initially reported that the incident occurred in the park.

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    1. Carol says:

      Gothamist is reporting this incident a bit differently….

      Anyone know which is true?

      • PedestrianJustice says:

        WSR quotes NYPD repots. Your link is some passersby saying something about what cops said to her, via Twitter. Which do you figure is more accurate?

    2. dannyboy says:

      The more that the neighbors are informed about this incident, the more likely the perp will be apprehended.

      Thank you WSR.

    3. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      For some reason Riverside Park feels less safe in the last year or so. I have actually stopped running there at night.

    4. cc says:

      The entire city feels less safe under De Blasio

      • Chuck D says:

        The city is much safer now, CC. That’s a fact. Maybe it’s something youre feeling because you listen to Fox News and the NY Post and wish stop and frisk was still in effect.

        • Ted says:

          Actually data released a couple of days ago that while the city is safer both Riverside and Central Parks are significantly less safe as demonstrated by an increase of several types of crime in the parks.

      • UWS-er2 says:

        this clown mayor definitely has to go…problem is whatever names the polls put out there, they say the clown will beat them, and now with a liberal city council and liberal laws the days of law and order are probably gone as well.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        of course the city is vastly MORE safe under De Blasio than it was under Giuliani, or in almost every year under Bloomberg.

        But i guess your “feelings” take precedence over facts.

      • UWS-er says:

        It’s demonstrably NOT less safe, but sorry you feel that way.

    5. Bubbie says:

      Here’s a very simple question. This dispute wasn’t over in a few minutes. Am I the only one who thinks it took too long for the police to arrive? And they are responsible for this citizens injury while trying to break up a fight?
      There is not enough police presence and we are all in danger with so many of the homeless suffering from mental illness. I am afraid.

    6. E says:

      Amazes me (@PedestrianJustice) that people are so gleefully nasty in these comments. Makes one sad. What happened to being a good neighbor? Because you are anonymous, it is easier to be mean, I suppose. Grace and kindness are worth more because they are rare.

    7. Bruce Bernstein says:

      I am so tired of people making whatever assertions they want and ascribing them as “facts.” this is Trumpism writ large.

      In 2001, Giuliani’s last year in office, there were 649 murders in the City of New York. Last year (2015), there were 352. that is a decrease of 45.8%.

      Crime was down over 2001 in every single major crime category. Overall major crimes were down 34.9% from 2001 to 2015.

      So the fact is that you are MORE safe now than you were under Giuliani.

      Why would someone FEEL more safe then? Perhaps having a nasty racist for Mayor makes you FEEL more safe, at least if you are white. But it doesn’t make you BE more safe.

      • Finnegan says:

        Crime is up 6.5% this year over year in the 24th precinct mostly due to felonious assault(+28%) and grand larceny. That’s a big increase in assault which is an aggressive crime.

        And these numbers take into account people who plee down more substantial crimes.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          I don’t believe the numbers take into account resolutions of the crimes (plea bargains). That would involve going back and adjusting the figures.

          I believe all crimes on Compstat are listed “as reported” at the time of the report.

          In the 24th precinct, overall serious crime is up by 6.53% this year. A lot of this is simply statistical fluctuation. it is true that Felonious assault is up by 28.8%, but let’s be aware of the small numbers involved. last year at this time there were 59 assaults for the year; this year there were 76 as of this date. So there was a total of 17 more incidents. If you follow criminal justice issue, you know that this might be significant but also might be “statistical noise” and a standard natural fluctuation.

          Most of the actual increase in incidents is attributable to “grand larceny”, which includes any theft of a credit card. There were 38 more grand larceny incidents than last year (365 to 403), and there were only 40 more total serious crime incidents.

          the Upper West SIde and the 24th precinct both remain extremely safe areas.

    8. denaliboy says:

      I find it hard to believe the city is safer under the current mayor than Bloomberg.My own observations argue against that. From comments on WSR it would appear I am not alone. I’m amazed there aren’t more incidents in the neighborhood given the larger numbers of homeless-the majority of whom are either substance abusers or crazies (estimates in NYC are about 65% of this population have substance/mental health issues.)

      Sorry to hear about good samaritan being injured.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        You are very sadly mistaken. As has been detailed throughout this thread, the number do not back up your paranoia.

        • Tanya says:

          I don’t watch Fox News or pay attention to The Post, but my own observations of the drastic decline in safety in my own neighborhood – and the parks – since De Blasio was elected is clear. The statistics are unknown to me, but I and my neighbors and friends on the UWS regularly comment on our observations and experiences with the UWS being less safe since Bloomberg left office. I am not pro or con De Blasio…and I am not basing this on “feelings” – they are concrete observations and experiences. Whatever the reason, I hope things improve as quickly as they declined and that people join together online and off to create a safe, neighborly atmosphere.

          • nycityny says:

            Folks talk about their friends and neighbors experiences and observations, but I don’t hear anything about them being victims of crime.

            For my part, I’ve lived on the UWS for 20 years and have not experienced any crime during that time. So from my personal experience crime is neither up nor down. And I’ll continue to avoid side streets or parks at night like I’ve done for the past 20 years.

      • Sarah says:

        Most mentally ill are not violent or criminals. Just because they make you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean they’re breaking the law.

    9. ElBoogie says:

      I saw the entire thing unfold. While I didn’t see anyone get stabbed, I did see the two men fight and then I saw one of them get onto the crosstown bus as the suspect taunted him the entire time. After, I saw him casually walk across the street. As he was putting his shirt back on, a police officer came out of the train station on the northwest side of the street and the suspect began to run. The police officer chased him for about half a block before I couldn’t see them anymore but there wasn’t a chance that the officer could catch up to the man. About a minute later, several police officers drove southbound to the empty scene. I’m pretty sure they passed the suspect. He didn’t look homeless to me- he was dressed causally.

      • dannyboy says:

        “The person believed to have sliced the victim then fled the scene.”

        “The other man involved in the altercation left the area before police arrived.”

        Call CRIMESTOPPERS. They can apprehend the suspects.

    10. Michael says:

      Used to live right there. This Thurs at 1:30 I was picking tomatoes and zucchini from my garden while the kids played at the neighbors pool. Tonight we have dinner on the deck consisting of homemade (and mostly organic and homegrown) fare w the dr. and his family who go to school with my kids (and they are black). #suburbs! #lookaround