Fine silhouette window treatments accumulate airborne grime, candle soot, dust, and pollutants over time. Spots that are neglected by regular cleaning may turn into permanent stains. It is amazing how much dirt is removable from white silhouettes that do not appear to need cleaning.

Professional cleaning techniques and proper handling are important in the protection of the investment made in silhouette shades. One of two methods of deep cleaning are recommended by experts. Cleaning is a step that prevents premature replacement. Cleaning them on your own or hiring an incompetent cleaner may result in damages that cannot be repaired or expensive replacements.

On-Site Method

20501289 - smiling girl looking through the white window blindsA certified technician or fabric specialist invested in both specialized equipment and training is needed to clean silhouettes properly. The professional knows techniques that utilize an injection and extraction cleaning method. When the technician uses these method, the silhouettes are cleaned where they hang.

The area behind the silhouettes is protected by plastic before a small machine is used to spray on a cleaning solution that will be vacuumed off immediately. The silhouette dries in a short time. Competent and experienced technicians assure customers they have professional training and access to additional professional development.

Silhouette Cleaning Using Ultrasound

Ultrasound harnesses sound wave power and scrubbing action of microscopic air bubbles produced in the cleaning solution that explodes to gently, but thoroughly clean silhouettes. To use this technique silhouettes are removed. They are taken to the ultrasound machine, cleaned, and hung to be dried. They are then returned and rehung.

Improperly hung, handled, cleaned, or dried silhouettes can be damaged. It is wise to ask questions of the technician who will be cleaning the silhouettes. Professionals are working toward a formal certified cleaning program. Until that is in place, only allow professionals who can answer your questions to clean your silhouettes.

Questions to Ask

Handled properly, holes remain as they were before the silhouette was cleaned. Pre-cleaning inspections find holes from window cranks, handles, etc. Holes by the bottom rail on the back sheer are not uncommon. If the center fabric vanes are coming apart or separating as a result of lamination or glue line problems, cleaning is not recommended.

Some puckering on the sheer face over time is not uncommon, especially on wider silhouettes. Using the wrong chemicals, improper handling, or excessive heat can cause silhouettes to pucker or make existing puckering worse. A knowledgeable technician knows how to remove minor creases, minimize puckering, and keep silhouette window treatments looking presentable for a long time.

A knowledgeable technician can partially or fully remove some types of paint, especially if the paint is fresh and has not gotten into the floating vanes fabric. Sometimes only enough paint is removed to make a spot less noticeable. Use lots of clean water to dab off water-based spots of paint. Take care to keep the spot from spreading. Call a professional immediately. Do not use common solvents to remove paint. Irreparable damage can be caused.

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