harold horowytz

Harold Horowytz, who ran Zabar’s deli counter for decades, died last month at the age of 87. Horowytz, whose family ran a grocery store in New Jersey, ran the deli counter at Zabar’s starting in 1972 and officially retired in 1992. But he continued to work behind the counter during busy seasons, coming up from his retirement home in North Carolina at least three times a year. He even worked the recent Hannukah-Christmas-New-Year’s rush.

Zabar’s posted a tribute to Horowytz on its blog:

“Harold cured his own pickles, sourced the finest cold cuts and sliced the leanest pastrami and tenderest brisket. He was known by his customers as a true New York deli maven.”

The Times profiled Horowytz a couple of years ago.

“Mr. Horowytz does not own a computer. He does not use email. He has the inventory of Zabar’s delicatessen imprinted in his brain. When I asked whether he takes careful notes during his weekly phone calls with Mr. Zabar and the store’s staff, he scoffed.”

Read the Zabar’s tribute here, and tip your hat to one of the great deli men.

Photo via Zabar’s.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      RIP dear neighbor.

    2. David Collins says:

      God bless. Rest in peace.

    3. Michael says:

      RIP Harold “The King of Corned Beef and Prince of Pastrami”

    4. Nelson says:

      A legend. Nice to see Zabar’s remembering him with appropriate affection.

    5. jeff Berger says:

      Bless you sir and condolences your family. Thank you for all the wonderful memories of growing up and standing next to my dad as he rattled off his order. Too many family brunches, holidays and parties were made more enjoyable because of you

    6. bob burrowes says:

      When I lived just off B’way on 80th St. in the ’70s and ’80s, I remember demanding Jewish customers being really satisfied Friday evenings when Harold sliced their loches thin enough that they could hold up and see through the slices. He was a master, and bantered back and forth with his regular customers as he sliced away.

    7. Mark says:

      Proof that deli is good for you for long and happy life. Thanks for slicing it thin! God Bless