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Has the busyness of life in the big city got you feeling crazed? From work schedules to your personal activities, it doesn’t stop. When life gets out of control, you need a way to reel everything back in. You need help. And PowerView motorized shades will be the answer you’ve been searching for. I know what you’re thinking: The more technology we bring into our lives the easier it should get, but it almost seems like life is moving too fast. That’s because you haven’t experienced first-hand the “intuitive” technology that automation can offer. The benefits of PowerView motorized shades will transform your life and your home with the touch of your screen. Imagine with us for just a moment…

Your Schedule…Handled.

We have overbooked our lives in every aspect. It’s time that you got a little help handling the time crunch. PowerView motorized shades can be scheduled for you – No longer will you have to worry on your morning commute or your weekend getaway, if you lowered the shades so your apartment isn’t filled with direct (and often damaging) sunlight all day long. The PowerView App has the capability to schedule openings, closings and tilt adjustments based on time of day, specific rooms, even individual windows–from anywhere in the world on your favorite device. The control you need without a single thought. How great is it when you can call the shots from anywhere using your devices.

The Ideal Atmosphere…Always.

Because there a million other things to stress about in the city, you deserve the ease of lifestyle control that PowerView motorized shades have to offer. The atmosphere will always be serene, the temperature will always be comfortable, and the lighting will always be just right with the touch of a button, and it doesn’t matter the room or circumstance. With the Scene Selector on the PowerView App you can communicate quickly and easily to select favorite scenes based on your family’s need in that moment.

Smart and Stylish….Now that’s Boss

dsroller_cordloop_otherBy combining the advanced technology of PowerView with the unrivaled selection of sophisticated styles, fabrics and colors you will find the most beautiful window treatments are also the most intelligent. Your window treatments will become an essential part of the way you live and you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

With PowerView motorized shades, you’ll have a lot less to worry about. Now you know that your schedule is taken care of, the atmosphere will always be great, and the style is amazing.

Are you ready to find out how PowerView motorized shades can transform your life? At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we love to be able to offer you the latest trends and technology, in addition to beautiful window coverings for your home. Contact us at:

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