A fireworks show in Central Park Friday night was reflected in the windows of the San Remo on 74th and Central Park West and it was quite a wonderful sight. The fireworks commemorated the NYC Marathon. Lauren Vingiano sent the video below.

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    1. manhattan mark says:

      Lauren; Thanks for the video, I heard the fireworks, but not
      having seen anything about it on line or in the press
      and the fact that all my windows face west, north
      and south I assumed it was a thunder storm or the
      beginning of WW3.

      • lynsey says:

        Since moving to the UWS I’ve found the high number of fireworks incredibly disturbing, since I also couldn’t see them, had no idea they took place (other that the 4th of July) before moving here, and my neighbors (also new to NY) and I have run out on the roof more than once because we thought the surrounding buildings were tumbling down, lol. I’ve looked online a number of times and have never been able to find any announcements, much less a reason for this UWS phenomenon. Is there a public listing somewhere?

        • Ian says:

 provides a list of legal fireworks displays that have been issued permits by the Fire Department:

          It looks like last night’s display was sponsored by the NY Philharmonic.

          But, incredibly disturbing? Running to the roof (more than once) thinking the surrounding buildings were tumbling? Where in Siberia did you move here from?

        • jezbel says:

          go to and look up the the “events” area (or similar.) They have a listing of all events taking place in the City – you enter which borough. I heard the fireworks also and saw the reflection in the windows of an east-facing building. I only wish I’d known in advance. But I found the event on the website which listed at what location and the start time.

        • jezbel says:

          lynsey — the sky is not falling. There are plenty of fireworks here in the City. Not only July 4th. The Philharmonic shows, New Year’s Eve, plus plenty of weddings with permits to do so over the water, etc. Believe me if a building was falling, or it was mortar fire or some other awful thing, you’d hear plenty of sirens immediately. Take a deep breath and relax.

        • RK says:

          Not only should you chill and enjoy rather than fear the fireworks, you should also sign up for Notify NYC

          In addition to alerting you when there are fireworks, flyovers, and any other scheduled events which may spook some, well in advance, it also distributes authoritative information about true emergencies.

      • Lauren V says:

        Hi Mark – glad you enjoyed the video! I took a few – the others were in hyperlapse mode though – pretty cool, but no sound. (And, I would have assumed the same thing as you if I hadn’t seen the reflections of the fireworks in the windows across the way!)

    2. Joel says:

      I just happened to be up on the Met roof with my wife (wanted to get up there one last time this year) when these were going off and noticed this phenomenon from across the park; glad somebody caught some of it on video.

    3. Liz says:

      Who is that sourpuss? Ouch are you related to Oscar the Grouch? Where did you grow up that you have such a aversion to fireworks?

      I love fireworks and never miss an opportunity to see them. The fireworks we not to be believed — they were awesome — they literally took my breath away. Stop being a Chicken Little — the sky is falling — the sky is falling.

      If fireworks bother you that much maybe NYC is not for you. What makes NYC so great is the sounds and sights that are a great diversion from the rat race.

      Have you considered moving to Montana — Big Sky Country with the only sound being the lowing of the cattle?