mystery bank

We’ve got some eclectic Upper West Side openings to tell you about, from a bank, to an electronic store, to a store selling a spicy condiment.

A mystery bank is coming to the Southwest corner of 94th street and Broadway (above). As Paul writes: “The For Rent sign is down, and the work permits say branch bank, but doesn’t identify which one. I think new banks on Broadway is SO 2007…”

A mustard shop will open in the former home of Jalapeno Mexican restaurant on 68th and Columbus, Andrew tells us, by way of a construction worker. A mustard shop? What are we, Brooklyn? (We kid, this could be kind of cool. Fun fact: Hellmann’s mayonnaise was first sold on the Upper West Side, so we know our condiments.) No word yet on what mustard shop.

The former Blimpie on 97th and Broadway will become a coffee shop, according to Paul, who heard it from the smoke shop guy next door. That’s the second time we’ve heard this tip.

radio shack3A Radio Shack is set to open on the West side of Broadway between 96th and 97th street next to 7-Eleven, Paul tells us (he’s the all-star tipster this week). It will be one of their “new-concept” stores — think hot new tech products instead of random wires and gadgets from 1987. (Photo at right)

A women’s clothing store called Pachute has opened at 57 west 84th street right next to Primo Pizza. It’s got another location on the East Side. Thanks to Emily for the tip.

Lincoln Square Steakhouse is getting set to open in the former home of Loi, the Greek restaurant on 70th street that closed a few months ago. We first reported on it here, and now it has its own website (that doesn’t have much info on it yet). Thanks to Priscilla for the tip and photo.


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    1. sallyuws says:

      The mustard shop must be 68 & columbus(not 68 & bway as stated above) because jalapeño is 68 & columbus. Unless a mustard shop is taking over the food emporium space- not even hellmann’s could handle that. but a Big Daddy’s there would be great!

    2. Ken says:

      Radio Shack at Bway and 97? In addition to the one already at B’way and 94th? I bet a quarter that the one at 94th and the Brodway subway entrance – next to the empty for 4 years former Pay-Less Shoes is going bye bye. Either something is taking both spaces or the single story structure is coming down to make room for something bigger. Let’s see.

    3. Jeff says:

      I really want to believe the mustard shop thing is for real. Break out the pastrami and pretzels!

    4. UWS maven says:

      Sounds like an SNL sketch… what’s next, “Nothing But Scotch Tape”?

    5. Kaz says:

      I heard that the bank will be a branch for a organization which helps homeless and the poor with thier finance. Let them open an account , have a safe etc.

    6. Ann March says:

      In order to prepare for the new mustard shop, you may want to consult the website of the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum. It’s a trip (literally & figuratively). SNL, seriously!


    7. Sheryl Fox says:

      Noticed this morning that Lincoln Square Steak has the windows papered over. Lots of work going on in there. We can’t wait for them to open!

    8. Irene says:

      Yeah! …better than another bank or drugstore. Maybe an old fashion New York Deli with pastrami, pickles, and thick sliced rye bread will open up nearby. Mmmmmmm….and maybe 7-11 will go away…far, far, very far away. Just dreaming 🙂

    9. Ferguson says:

      Oh great!!! another bank!!! :-/

    10. WombatNYC says:

      Why can’t someone open a decent restaurant or ” joint” in the 90’s on the UWS.. A Westville or Grey Dog Cafe or Potbelly’s sandwich shop would be my first choices ..

      • Eddie says:

        Chick-fil-a would be perfect!

        • Lisa says:

          I would kill for a Chick-fil-A in the city. We have to go to New Jersey to get our fix.

          • Cato says:

            If memory serves, there was one on Broadway between 77th and 78th. They lasted about a year. This was probably early 1980’s.

            Maybe with the influx of yuppies and bankers they’d do better these days.

        • West Side Maven says:

          Sure, we don’t have enough Christian fundamentalist right-wing fast food outlets here. More to boycott!

          • Jeff says:

            Really “Maven” “Sure, we don’t have enough Christian fundamentalist right-wing fast food outlets here. More to boycott!” What about Jewish Orthodox right-wing food outlets? You would eat at an Orthodx Kosher Deli correct? Have you asked there views on Gay Marrage, Abortion or Birth control?

            You would never allow Christians to speak of Jews the way you “Progressives” speak of Christians. If Hobby Lobby were an Orthodox Jewish company based in Williamsburg and a bunch of Conservative Christian senators smacked them around, you would call them anti-semites. Remember, there are more Christians than Jews, and if Christians don’t feel welcome in this city, they wont create the jobs that you need to pay this cities bills!

          • BokBok says:

            LOL @ Doo… Sure, a multi billion dollar FANTASTIC company sure needs help. Yeah, you nailed that one.
            Speaking of, I often go to the Chick-fil-A at NYU, even though it’s not a full menu. I’ve heard that they will be coming to NYC soon…and it will be wildly successful as they are in other cities.

          • Sam says:

            As long as they keep making those nuggets and serving them up with that Polynesian dipping sauce, I wouldn’t care if they worshiped Satan 🙂

            But all kidding aside, don’t eat there if you don’t agree with their politics or views. It’s still a free country.

      • Jason says:

        Because first, after you’ve secured all the building permits from the NYC dept. of buildings, which are next to impossible to get, you then have to deal with the NYC health dept., following by the NYS Liquor Authority, then you have to deal with the Community Board, etc. Why would anyone want to do that?? So much for encouraging small business, you want to know why banks open and mom and pop close? They can afford to deal with all the red tape that you have to in order to earn a buck in this city.

        • webot says:

          So true Jason. thank you for pointing it out. Its seems the City government is against small businesses. Where is the encouragement that you see in other cities?

          • kgbUWS says:

            NYC makes it difficult for small businesses, that make the UWS so special, to get up and running yet at the same time gives permission to private, rich homeowners who NEED to renovate the already renovated 18 million dollar townhouse they just bought. Drilling, jackhammering and disrupting normal daily life for months and months of all those around just for the ego and whimsy of the buyers (who can afford to live faraway from the mayhem) & architects.

        • Christine says:

          Jason: ou summed it up in a nutshell. I lived in the building where Kouzan is and heard it cost the owner over $1 million just to open. That kind of money is insane and I can’t imagine what kind of business you need to do to recoup that investment.

        • Kenneth says:

          How about a White Castle?

      • Chris says:

        So true…I know Westville has been looking (for years), but has never found a spot they like up here. Can you imagine the line at an “Upper Westville” on a nice night?

        • RF says:

          A Dig Inn on the UWS would also be fantastic. They do have a location up by Columbia, but unfortunately those of us in the 70s and 80s are outside the delivery zone (and 30-40 blocks is pretty far to travel to pick up takeout.)

      • Ferguson says:

        there used to be a great burger joint on 93rd and Broadway…long gone :(((

      • David T says:

        Oh, what I would give for a Grey Dog to open in the 90s. It’s my favorite place for coffee and sandwiches in the City (and they serve beer, too!). Westville is also a great call. How about once that Halloween store goes out, one of those goes in!!!

        And how about swapping the new bank for the mustard store? (Yes, I’m “90s” biased).

    11. Kate says:

      I’m probably mistaken, but wasn’t there supposed to be a coffee shop opening in the place of Jalapeno at 68th and Columbus?

      As for the mustard shop, I give it a year before they fold. No one needs that much mustard.

      • Irene says:

        Well then we’ll hopefully see in a year if they “pass the mustard”. I just couldn’t resist….nuff said.

        • Scott says:

          I think you mean “cut the mustard.” Or perhaps “pass muster,” which of course is an entirely different idiom.

      • Parker says:

        Joe coffee appears to be taking over the space of the former Bomboloni. Jalapeno is adjacent to it.

    12. Noemi says:

      Yes, I asked a young man who appeared to be in charge working outside the old Blimpie & he told me a coffee & pastry shop! Is this the new venue? Isn’t the one on the northwest corner of 95 th just that? Maybe people are getting tired of Starbuck’s!

    13. Susan says:

      A Pachute on the Westside is a big deal!
      The one on the Eastside is the best clothing store in the City. For years I have been shopping there before picking my kids at school. Now that it is in the neighborhood and I can go on the weekends I am in real trouble. I never walk out without a bag.
      Cant wait to go see it.

      • Cato says:

        And there, Ladies and Gentlemen, you have it: The New Upper Wealth Side. Check the website (linked in the story): A shirt or a blouse, $275; a pair of sneakers (or “trainers” — by Philippe, of course), $425. Nice recreational activity while picking up your kids at school on the Upper East Side, no?

        And those of you who pick up your kids at a *West Side* school, well, you just keep hoping for a White Castle to open in the neighborhood. But don’t hold your breath.

        • Bling says:

          Good. Rich folks pay for all the city amenities and social services that all the non-rich New Yorkers enjoy.

    14. jp says:

      Maison Kayser is opening at Broadway and 76th in the corner space that used to be Fratelli la bufala.