City Council member Helen Rosenthal will hold a town hall meeting on Wednesday night starting at 6 p.m., and she’s bringing along members of several city agencies who can hopefully answer questions from the audience. The meeting will be held at the Gerald Lynch Theater at John Jay College, 524 West 59th Street. That’s between 10th and 11th avenues.

The following agencies are expected to attend:
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Department of Sanitation (DOS)
Department of Buildings (DOB)
Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD)
Department of Education (DOE)
New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
Human Resources Administration (HRA)
Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)

To submit a question online before the meeting, click here.

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    1. Kenneth says:

      Perhaps Council Member Rosenthal could just start by insuring she and/or her staff responds in some fashion to constituent emails or follows up on community issues raised during in-person visits to the Columbus Avenue office. So far, I’m 0-3. Never happened with Gale Brewer.

      • Paul RL says:

        Here here! I’m 0-3 as well. I’m also 0-2 with Gale Brewer, 0-2 with Scott Stringer and 0-1 with the Mayor. Oh, and I’m 0-3 with our Community Board. But what am I except a tax-paying citizen. They all stink as far as I’m concerned!

    2. Lisa says:

      I tried to attend theTown Hall meeting in the pouring rain. A local newspaper listed its location as 563 Columbus. The place was closed with a sign, closed for Town Hall Meeting with no address given. Doesn’t make sense to me. At least post the address especially since it was wrongly reported in the newspaper.
      Also I went to the office, wrote up a comment–first time ever in my life–and was told I would be contacted. That was over a month ago. No one has called. I am wondering about this operation.

    3. Lisa says:

      I just read the other comments and, same as me, no one has ever bothered responding to their attempts to reach this organization. I feel it is shameful to treat your constituents like that as if you have no interest whatsoever in what they have to say. I am not very impressed, and this turns people off local politics. Whose phone call or emails does Helen Rosenthal feel it is worthwhile to return? I would just like to know who rates a response. Perhaps you could just post it on the door of the office so I don’t waste any more of my time.

    4. Armando says:

      It bothers me when elected officials don’t respond to their constituents. Come election time, I don’t vote along party lines or favorites – I vote for the person who has responded or at a minimum, acknowledged, my inquiry.