There is a new hotspot for heavy petting on the Upper West Side.

The AMC Loews movie theater on 84th street and Broadway was recently renovated. Among the new amenities are cushy reclining seats, that have already been drawing couples who “go to” the movies but don’t really “watch” the movies. The seats (pictured above) are more than big enough for two people and “cry out for amorous activity,” according to a New York Post reporter who recently visited. Each auditorium has between 110 and 183 of the seats, and it sounds like most of them are filled with couples — some of whom drape coats over themselves and start going at it before the film even starts. Word is getting around: The Post even quotes a young man from Westchester who travels downtown so he can have some alone time with his girlfriend. Teenagers, of course, are big fans.

The new loveseats are a huge hit with teens. Upper West Sider Richard Velazquez, 40, was seated in the same row as an enthusiastic teen couple at a “World War Z” showing last month. “Even before the previews started, they were going at it,” says Velazquez.

“She was not entirely on top of him, but a quarter of the way there. When the movie ended, they were still at it. I was thinking, ‘Get a room already,’ but the theater was their room!”

No word yet on whether someone sprays the seats down with disinfectant after each showing.

AMC was clearly looking for a way to set the theater apart — Gothamist called it the worst theater in the city earlier this year because of complaints about”poor sound quality, dirty conditions, late movie starts, rowdy patrons, screaming babies, broken seats, unfocused projection screens, rude employees and all around unpleasantness.”

AMC personnel aren’t exactly denying that the theaters are set up for getting it on, though it sounds like they sometimes have to tell overly frisky couples to cool it. “As for whether AMC actually welcomes couples getting hot and heavy, AMC spokesperson Ryan Noonan would only acknowledge that it was ‘a great date-night theater, perfect for couples.'”

Does a hot-and-heavy theater sound appealing to you? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Cato says:

      [Raises hand] Anyone want to count the number of Upper West Siders who *don’t* want to have to watch teens “going at it” while trying to watch a movie?

      Anyone like to go to the movies in order to watch the movie??

      Too bad, AMC — I didn’t so much mind the “C” rating (I don’t eat movie popcorn anyway), but now you’ve lost a customer.

    2. Jeannette says:

      Appealing? The thought of what is actually going on (and I don’t mean making out) on those seats makes me physically ill. I guess you have to be someone (of any age, cause we know it won’t just be teenagers) who is desperate and has no issues with flaunting yourselves in a public space.

      Ugh. Ugh. UGH.

    3. Lucen Desar says:

      Oh please, the NY Post tries to find sex in every article they write to gain more attention. It’s a nice theater with comfortable chairs and free refills for drinks. The AC, projection system, and the sound is fixed as well. I wish the rest of the AMC theaters would do the same to makeup for the high ticket pricing.

    4. Catherine says:

      This is a bad idea. When I was a kid, the movies were def a date night “destination”, but then teens would never be so bold to do anyting much more than a kiss & maybe a “feel” if the guy was really bold. Now, they’ll go all the way without even a second thought. Bad idea for those of us who are going to “watch” the movie, not the show unfolding next to us. Who makes these decisions?

    5. LorenzoStDuBois says:

      After living in the UWS for over 3 years, I have not once seen a movie on the marquis of this theater that I had any desire to watch. I mean, I’m a bit of a movie snob, but I don’t need some kind of black and white German expressionist art film to be happy; I’m saying not even something sappy and mainstream like the King’s Speech, Lincoln, Hugo, etc. Instead, it’s variations on “Robot Sex Explosion VII” or “Flameguy and Batgirl: GRITTY ORIGIN STORY REBOOT.”

      To be honest, this is the only reason I can fathom entering this theater. On 100 degree days like today, making out at the Soldiers & Sailor’s memorial is just no fun.

    6. LorenzoStDuBois says:

      Re: the other comments:

      Old people, while I share your consternation with the sexual mores of Our Youth Today, I do not blame the poor buggers. A proliferation of cultural sexual overstimulation is being directed at all generations: our kids are just the most impressionable. Blame our cultural and business elites, from MTV to Hollywood, for fully embracing the migration of sex from expression of love to a commodity.

      As Nik points out, it’s no coincidence that in the belly of the Ansonia, where once existed Plato’s Retreat, is a Loewmann’s, surely a more banal, conformist, and sinister den of vice than the famous Swinger’s Club ever was.

    7. MJ says:

      This is gross. If you see it, report it and have the staff throw them out. Teach these people to stop disrespecting themselves in public. Wanna give this place a rep so it eventually shuts down and our neighborhood loses a nice theater? Do nothing then.

      And for the record, I’m in my mid 30’s and was taught to be a lady.

    8. ARC says:

      Please give me a break!

      I was a teenager who did make out in this theater in the 1980’s and I have been to the theater twice since the renovation. It is wonderful. The seats are a treat. It’s nice to see it refurbished.

      Kids will be kids, and yes, there will be some canoodling, but I doubt it will get out of hand. More importantly, they must have removed 35-40% of the total number of seats, so I suspect that a) prices will go up and b) they will try and draw in an older demographic. (Hopefully that will mean some better movie choices at this theater…. interesting to note they are screening the new Kristen Wiig/Annette Bening indy now.)

      Finally, with the new theater coming on 100th in 2014 & the new theaters at Lincoln Center, it seems movie-going on the west side is improving by leaps and bounds. Who knew that someday the 68th Street Lincoln AMC, which was the “hot” new theater featured in the blockbuster “You’ve Got Mail,” would someday be old hat?

    9. Kathy says:

      I LOVE what the theater has done AND I am appreciative that they are getting first rate movies again, which was also a problem. I have NEVER had the experience that is being reported of having inappropriate behavior around me during a film. We have no theater in our neighborhood and with the changes in seating and movie selection,this has become my preferred theater location. I would HATE to see this bad/weird press lead to financial woes for this theater and am wondering if some of the bad press is envy mongering by other theaters who would like nothing better than to see movie goers who fled their theater return because of a “ewwww is something on my chair” worry.

    10. lorraine says:

      It’s disgraceful! Really? Creating an environment at the movie theater to encourage public sex? What’s wrong with people?!!!!!!! Where are morals and values and shame and self respect and dignity? Is this the new world? Self control has gone away along with manners.
      It’s I don’t give a ____ about anyone but myself mentality. Sad to see my city loose it’s charm and respect toward others. Low life living is the new norm perhaps.

    11. Jean says:

      I still miss Loew’s 83rd. :>(

      None of the newbies in the last 30 years or so, know what it’s like to sit in a movie “palace”.

    12. Sharon Davis says:

      I wanted to know why “The Best Man Holiday” and other black movies are not shown on opening night at your theater?

    13. Cristina says:

      This is my 10th time going there.Beautiful seats, good sound/image quality and no teenagers, “making-out”. It’s not that easy, there are people around, next to you… common. Who said it’s bad, he/she’s exagerating. I had a wonderful experience.

    14. Jenny says:

      Please… First of all, a FEW teens have always made out in movie theaters. Tell them to stop. It’s our job, just like always. One or the other may be glad you did. As for the new seats, they’re fun!. I wouldn’t want to watch every film there… usually I’m down at Lincoln Plaza, but for my little ones seeing a kids movie in “lazy boy recliners” is pure pleasure. I miss Lowes 83rd, too.

      • SA_NYC says:

        Oh man, why didn’t someone tell me this sooner?! I’m going to this theater tonight, hope to see some live action.

    15. elizabeth jackson says:

      It disappoints me to see that in 2014 i still do not see many black movies here on opening day.