On Sunday, the main Lincoln Center plaza twinkled with music as the Sing for Hope foundation left 88 pianos there for people to play. It was a great day for the event, and the plaza was packed with pianists, both professional and amateur. For the last couple of weeks, the whimsical hand-painted pianos were placed in parks and plazas throughout the city, open to the public to play impromptu concerts.

Now the pianos will be donated to schools and hospitals.

Photos by Barry.

Photo by Avi.

Photo by Stan Solomon.

Photo by Stan Solomon.

Photo by Avi.

Photo by Michael Vooss.

And here’s a video of a singalong at the concert:

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    1. molly gordy says:

      Look at the photos. There are virtually no African-American or Hispanic people. There needs to be a lot more outreach to include Upper West Side populations in the arts who may not have been introduced to this type of experience in the past.

    2. Through-the-Lens says:

      Au contraire, mes amis:

      As ONE WHO WAS THERE for the one-day, basically un-announced event, I saw NEW YORK CITY in all its diversity: race, gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and (sometimes disappointingly) fashion-sense!

      A photograph is NOT a complete documentary of an event — it is an INTERPRETATION of an event based on WHERE THE PHOTOGRAPHER AIMS HIS/HER LENS. And, since the main subject WAS the colorful and hand-painted pianos, people became of secondary importance, at least in recording this small piece of reality.

    3. Liz says:

      88 piano all in one place for anyone to play.
      How cool is that. Wow!!