The Alamo Drafthouse is just starting to get the permits necessary to build a new movie theater at 2626 Broadway between 99th and 100th street. But they’ve already revealed their new menu, and it’s filled with a wide array of foods for all hours of the day and night (yes, you can eat a full meal and drink alcohol while you’re sitting in your movie seat). On Facebook, the company said this is the new menu they will be using in New York.

From its creme brulee French toast to a slew of wraps and salads, the long menu will keep the Drafthouse kitchen very busy. There also appear to be about 50 beers to choose from. Check it out!

Menu Slaughter 2013 by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

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    1. TG says:

      The beer menu appears to be from a Texas outpost, so I imagine it’ll be completely different here (as will the prices…)

    2. NikFromNYC says:

      Cheese plate with prosciutto + red wine = low carb heaven.

    3. Jordan says:

      The prices are too good to be true! If not, I’ll be seeing a lot more movies when Alamo opens.

    4. sam says:

      This is the Austin menu. If they replicate it in NY, the prices will be higher, no doubt. And they will definitely not have $4 bottomless 32 oz. soda, if Mikey Bloomberg has his way.

    5. Jim Ryan says:

      One other thing the menu is going to need before it can serve New York patrons: the calorie counts. As it looks pretty busy as printed, this may require a major layout change before going into service here.

    6. robert says:

      The article should read “just restarted for the third time trying to get permits. They still say the are having “issues” getting any other their permits approved. It is interesting that a project announced in early 2012 has had no movement, even planed, in 2013 and now has a banner on it saying “coming in 2014”.

      • Beth says:

        Maybe they should just call it an “emergency,” and open up at 12midnight on a summer night. I wonder if anyone would notice.

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    8. Mark says:

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