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November 8, 2012 Weather: Mostly Cloudy, High of 40 Degrees.

An appearance by the authors of The Gay Couple’s Guide to Wedding Planning and a poetry celebration are on our calendar.

Community Board 7’s full-board meeting was postponed yesterday, but the new date hasn’t been scheduled yet.

The Other Israel film fest starts today with films at the JCC.

Upper West Sider Brigitte Vosse was fined $800 for nailing a peace sign to her window. She’s now suing the city. “Vosse, who placed the peace sign in her window to express her opposition to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, paid the fine but left the sign hanging in protest of the law, according to the lawsuit. The suit seeks an injunction barring enforcement of the regulation, a judgment that the law is unconstitutional and damages for Vosse.” A controversy erupted last year because of an illuminated peace sign at the Ansonia too. All we are saying is… (Reuters)

Lots of New Yorkers displaced by the hurricane have come to the Upper West Side. Locals are glad to help, but can get frustrated at having to share their small spaces. (DNAinfo)

Along the same lines, people share their bonding stories from after the storm.  “It’s like FEMA for Jews,” Ms. Adelman said last week, after she and her husband had happily moved in. “She’s got whitefish salad, she’s got wine in all colors, she’s got what to read, she’s got clothes, she’s got all kinds of shampoos. And she’s the most relaxed about it. Looking around, I see two ironing boards and four flat-screen TVs. It’s like a hotel.” (NY Times)

Maintenance workers like Jesus Ayala at MS 118 were crucial in helping turn schools into shelters for evacuees last week. (Daily News)

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    1. jerry says:

      Hnag in there, Ms. Vosse. I fail to see how your expression of opposition to our Government’s involvement in Afganistan should be a fineable offense. Whether or not I agree with you, you are not displaying a swastika or a bunch of pointy white hats (a la KKK). I think you are expressing a civil disagreement, a graphic form of freedom of speech and/or expression.

    2. j says:

      Oh, how I hate to see a typo. So…for the first word of the above post, please read it as “Hang.”