Photo by bfraz: “West 72nd Street in Rain, 1981.”

October 26, 2012 Weather: Partly Cloudy, High of 66 Degrees.

A popular Halloween event, free concerts, comedy and more are on our calendar.

Also, if you missed it, check out our list of 21 Halloween events in the neighborhood.

At least one meteorologist is calling Hurricane Sandy, the storm now making its way up the coast, possibly the worst storm in 100 years. It could meet up with a snowstorm in the West and another storm in Canada, creating (you guessed it) the Perfect Storm.  “City officials say they will use the same response plan followed during Hurricane Irene last year,” says NY1. It’s expected to hit us around Monday. Luckily, it’s weakened a bit. We’ll have more about how to prepare if this thing really does look like it will clobber us, but for now check out our Hurricane Irene survival guide, and read about the one part of the neighborhood which is considered a flood risk. (Bloomberg and NY1)

The Museum of Natural History’s Theodore Roosevelt Memorial reopens on Saturday. ” At the ceremony here, the museum unveiled a host of upgrades and additions, including a new statue of the former president seated on a bench, and new displays featuring artifacts from his life, such as a buckskin jacket and specimens he killed and prepared as a young naturalist and taxidermist, such as a snowy owl.” (CBS and AMNH)

The FDNY thinks food trucks are a potential terrorist threat. (Huffington Post)

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    1. Scooter Stan says:

      Re:”The FDNY thinks food trucks are a potential terrorist threat”

      Not so sure about terrorists hiding in the falafel, but some of those trucks are definitely a threat to the digestive system…probably responsible for many a case of “dire rear.”