There is no escaping the Upper West Side! Local filmmaker Phil Vasquez sent us this photo from a cafe in Paris, where he just moved.

October 15, 2012 Weather: Rain, High of 70 Degrees.

Events today include numerous free concerts and a talk by a woman who spent decades teaching in the Bronx.

Folks who employ delivery bicyclists, take note of this 3 p.m. meeting. Via Gale Brewer: “COMMERCIAL BICYCLIST WORKSHOP sponsored by the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District and the Dept of Transportation at the American Bible Society, 1865 Broadway at 61 Street, NY NY”

A pair of paws were found last week in a bag in the Northern part of Central Park, and are being investigated by the ASPCA. “They resembled dog paws and were found in a bag that may have been made from an animal skin or carcass.” One possibility: they had been used in some sort of ritual. (NY Post)

The State Liquor Authority denied Papasito’s liquor license application after neighbors complained about the restaurant on 104th and Broadway. (DNAinfo)

About 1,000 dogs came out for Central Park’s “10th annual “My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair” this weekend. (NY1)

Former Commissioner of Homeless Services Robert Hess, whose company operates the new UWS homeless shelter on 95th Street, is now looking to open a new “emergency” shelter in Carroll Gardens. Once again, the decisions are being made in “strict secrecy” with little or no community notice, and there are all sorts of questionable conflicts. (Capital NY)

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    1. Beth says:

      Someone needs to investigate Robert Hess. I mean IRS and FBI investigations, there is a lot of dirty happening here, and anyone awarding unsavory contracts to this guy needs to go down with him.

    2. bonnie says:

      Worse than a slum lord!

    3. outragedWestSider says:

      Agree with Beth on Robert Hess.

      Where is the New York Times?

      This story flies against their left wing agenda, but they MUST ADDRESS what is going on here!

      Please investigate how DHS has the funds for $3300 per month per room X hundreds , while the MTA is asking for another fare increase, we have 7000 less police then 10 years ago, our streets are filthy..
      And the Times does another story on soda bans.