The OTB on the North side of 72nd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues has been replaced by a business whose purpose couldn’t be more different: an East Asian health and wellness shop that sells vitamins and offers hot stone treatments.

A space that once held desperate souls praying for their lucky horse is now filled with vitamins, nuts, healing ointments and the like. Downstairs, customers can get massages, and acupuncture. (Upstairs, Bikram Yoga is still offering classes.)

Zen Medica opened last week — it’s easy to miss because the sign isn’t very large. But for now there are balloons out front.

The opening fills a void in the neighborhood — two years ago, a health food and supplements business closed across the Street and was replaced by Energy Kitchen.

Thanks to Barry for the tip.

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    1. Green health says:

      Great news!!! I stopped in this afternoon and took a look inside. The staff are a bunch if young people but they all seem very knowledgable about the supplements and all seemed to be nice. Nice feel in the store. Cool snacks and good quality stuff….seems higher class than GNC. Worth taking a good look inside….

    2. Jeannie says:

      Yes, I went in the other day asking about a specific Chinese herbal formula and also homeopathic remedy…They had BOTH!!!! Saved me a trip going to the upper 90’s! Great addition to the neighborhood!

    3. Judy says:

      I passed by and saw them doing a demo on ORAC Greens… Great organic Greens Drink! I realized they also carried practitioner lines Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations! They have a good selection of snacks and bars too. I bought this Organic 70% chocolate which was great! So Fresh! Definitely coming back again!

    4. Paris says:

      Fills a void? There is a GNC and another vitamin company store within 1 block of Zen Medica. Plus there are many drug stores nearby that also see vitamins and supplements. It has lots of competition!! Major billion dollar industry that promotes items without much independent research to support its claims. I have written about the industry.

      • Sandra says:

        Well, as an educated consumer of nutritional supplements of 20+ years I can reassure you that ZEN is Not the Same as the GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. The Owner Chow is a nutritionist from NYU and had worked at Willner for 10 years. Margeuritte is a licensed acupuncturist and homeopath. They see patients in the practitioner offices downstairs and they also carry hard to find brands like Standard Process and Pure Encapsulations. Maria is also very knowledgeable. This is not what you will find at GNC! And yes, there are independent research behind nutritional supplements, many of which are recognized by the mainstream sectors of medicine, but unlike the “politics” of drug companies…its much more natural and much less deadly! If you really know alternative nutrition and supplements, you have to check this place out!

    5. Janice says:

      This place is great! They had a feature in The West Sider newspaper, and I have to say this little gem is more than just a vitamin store(whcih we have plenty)! They have acupuncturists and chiropractors, a dietician, and also a CrossFit coach! Everybody knows their trade! I love it! Check em out!