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November 30, 2011 Weather: Mostly Sunny, High of 52 Degrees.

You can win two tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart in a fundraiser for the Baby Buggy foundation at Lincoln Center on December 5. It involves twitter (basically it looks like you have to tweet your favorite Seinfeld moment and add @LincolnCenter and #BabyBuggy. Rules here.). The contest ends at 6 today. Or you can pay $200.

Rats are running rampant at the housing project at 201 West 93rd Street, and the city housing authority’s efforts to kill them don’t seem to be working. One resident says she’s seen “rats as big as cats”. (NY1)

A design firm won a city contest to create a new kind of scaffolding for buildings under construction. The design is made of recycled steel and plastic and looks kind of like an open umbrella. The first prototype will be installed on a downtown project in December. It’s not mandatory to use the new scaffolding, but it supposedly costs about as much as the current ugly sidewalk sheds.  I hesitate to praise anything the Buildings Department does…but in this case, Bravo! (NY Times, with picture)

Dune Real Estate Funds has apparently purchased a property loan for 36 Upper West Side apartment buildings for $105.1 million, a 45% discount. No word on which buildings. (Crain’s)

Pecan Cafe, which just opened on the “rotting” Amsterdam Avenue block between 78th and 79th Street, is “bright” and “modern” and serves a roasted sweet potato sandwich. (NY Times)

Taxi drivers tend to park illegally in front of a mosque on 72nd Street and Riverside Drive to attend evening prayers. Some locals say it’s a safety problem. (DNAinfo)

Owners of 3 SRO’s on 94th and 95th Streets will have to pay $600,000 to resolve civil charges for renting out rooms to short-term tenants and tourists. (The Real Deal)

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