Sean Hannity Says Upper West Side’s Homeless Hotels are Part of a ‘New York City Nightmare’

The Upper West Side has always been a boogeyman for conservatives who have made fun of the liberal politics of residents here for decades (even as many prominent right-wingers also choose to live here! Yes, even Rush Limbaugh once lived on the UWS).

On Wednesday night, Fox News commentator and close personal friend of the president Sean Hannity pointed the attention of his 4 million-plus viewers at the Upper West Side. In particular, Hannity highlighted the situation at The Lucerne Hotel on 79th Street where the city has placed 283 homeless men.

(Throughout the segment, Hannity continually talked about drug addicts in the ‘prestigious’ neighborhood of the Upper East Side — though the Lucerne is on the Upper West.)

“It has become so bad that one four star hotel has been turned into a homeless shelter for drug addicts,” Hannity said. It was part of a theme pushed by the president and his allies that cities led by Democrats are descending into chaos.

A reporter for Fox looked into the homeless situation and “what he found should shock the conscience,” Hannity said. The reporter interviewed some local residents, who had mixed feelings about the shelter. Some said they were nervous about safety and wished they had been consulted, while one said “I think if it’s very well coordinated and supervised it can work.”

The reporter also walked around midtown talking about people using heroin there. At times, the segment seemed to conflate the situation at The Lucerne and the one in midtown, pointing out “addicts shooting up heroin” — something that the Post says is happening in midtown.

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    1. ben says:

      Oh crap, we are (in)famous now.

    2. Marcos says:

      If you needed any more evidence of astroturfing in these comments….

      • Sarah says:

        For real.

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        reply to Marcos:

        a ha… I was wondering about that. Are UWS residents really as right wing as the comments imply? i know very few people like this in real life. There are some but they are few and far between.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          That’s because you don’t venture outside your comfy circle of the bald men with ponytails. I however, know those guys and others, like ex-servicemen and ex-NYPD detectives who live right here, and buy bagels every weekend, same as you. More of us right-wingers in your midst than you could know Bruce…

          • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

            reply to UWSHebrew:

            it must be exciting for you to hang out with a bunch of true-life tough guys, and i hope they’re not too intimidated by all the bald pony-tailers at the bagel shop. (I don’t recall ever seeing a bald pony tailed man on the UWS, but maybe i’m not looking hard enough. The only bald pony tailed men i see are the Hare Krishna people in the Times Square station.)

            Maybe there will be enough of you right wingers that will drum up some courage and start posting under your actual name, my timid friend.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              Not timid at all. I just prefer not to have my income decreased because of the Communist cancel culture that has permeated our society. And I’m not your friend.

            • Steve in Manhattan says:

              Used to see a lot of bald pony-tailed sixty-ish guys here in the 70s – usually wearing skinny jeans and Crocs or Chucks. My god man – get something with some arch support!

              Oh, and fuck Sean Hannity.

            • Katarina says:

              Why would anyone use their real name if they hold conservative views amidst this cancel culture??

            • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

              reply to Steve:

              all these bald pony-tailers in the 1970s couldn’t have been wearing either skinny jeans or Crocs, unless they were time travelers. the hippie archless shoe in those days was the Wallabee.

              if “Chucks” are the old Converse Chuck Taylors, I lived and died by those in the 60s and early 70s. thanks to Walk “Clyde” Frazier and others, by the 70s they had been supplanted by the modern athletic shoe: Adidas and Puma were the first.

          • Marsha says:

            So the “ex-servicemen” you talk about, thankfully, they weren’t ones that tRump’s boss Putin put a bounty on, yes rebels getting money to kill Americans. And look at the proud Navy man who was beaten by your goons while simply standing in Portland, defending peaceful protesters, and his wrist was broken. You’re obviously a fox viewer so you probably don’t know these TRUTHS. And the cops you talk about, so they’re all right-wingers? NO. Try living outside the bubble Fox puts you in. And please don’t inject the bleach tRump likes. Etc., Etc., Etc…

            • UWSHebrew says:

              “So the “ex-servicemen” you talk about, thankfully, they weren’t ones that tRump’s boss Putin put a bounty on, yes rebels getting money to kill Americans” — Putin is the boss of Trump? Says who, Rachel Maddow? “And look at the proud Navy man who was beaten by your goons while simply standing in Portland, defending peaceful protesters” — Peaceful protestors? In Portland? The ones who have permanently blinded law enforcement with laser pointers, those who attempted to burn down federal buildings with law enforcement inside? Those peaceful protestors? “Try living outside the bubble Fox puts you in.” — I don’t live in a Fox bubble. But you live in a MSNBC bubble. And that bubble is so over the top with their non-stop lies, it’s a joke.

        • Kevin says:

          No, not at all.

          The neighborhood is certainly left, though more center than far left. In the 2016 general UWS went 88% for Clinton, slightly above her overall Manhattan performance. In the primary Bernie did worse in the UWS with 29% versus his city-wide 37%, signaling UWS being a little more center than the rest of the city.

          Though maybe we’re surrounded by a bunch of non-voting right-wing ex-servicemen and ex-NYPD detectives.

          • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

            reply to Kevin:

            facts are nice things. thank you.

            Trump will get his 12% again.

          • Jerem says:

            Voting for Clinton means nothing. We only have 2 parties. I am a moderate Democrat. I woukd not vote for AOC, but voted for Clinton over Trump, and will vote for Biden.

            None of that means I have to be happy about hundreds of drug addicts moving into the neighborhood.

        • Sammy says:

          No. Some of Biden’s highest donations in the country last quarter came from UWS. 3 of his 4 best zip codes were on the UWS. Haha Probs why fox has their panties in a bunch for UWS.
          I have a hard time believing these ppl are even real. Trump does not give two shits about any of them. He only cares about “law &order” because his only chance of winning is fear mongering white suburban voters. FYI this story from Hannity was saying this is what a city looks like when police are defunded. GTFO. NYPD have a 6 billion dollar budget. They have not been defunded & never will be. That union has more power than half the politicians in this city. Now are they actively engaging in a work slowdown? I don’t know? they’ve done that before anytime something doesn’t go their way. I live on 76th. I have been here the whole pandemic & I had no idea the other two hotels were filled with homeless people until last week. I just found out when I saw the article on the Lucerene. I’m not sure how long this lasts but they have guards w/ them at all times. I feel like if it starts to cause problems they will be moved. I had dinner at Nice Matin (restaurant attached to hotel) last night it was packed. Obviously everyone was sitting outside. No one was bothered by the fact homeless men are living in the hotel. Walked by again tonight. Nice Matin & all the other places by there were full with people eating again not bothered by it. Most people who come on these type of forums are just looking to complain. Again, I’m pretty confident if there are issues they will be moved. But, there has been no crime linked to any of these ppl yet. It’s a little early to jumping on it like it’s the end of the world. This temporary it’s not like it’s a permanent shelter.

    3. Mark Moore says:

      If I didn’t have the media to tell me what Hannity or other Fox News people say I’d never know.

    4. Public says:

      When Hannity pokes his nose in by giving big coverage it is on! No judgement but if you follow FEMA$ – City contracts$
      Remember, these POC have rights too and hopefully those empty hotels are being adequately utilized but, to what degree, are people dying in their rooms?

    5. Sol Utions says:

      Why weren’t these homeless residents housed in the Trump International Hotel, which ALREADY has 24/7 taxpayer-funded security?

    6. Marcos says:

      This guy is on tape claiming that COVID-19 is a hoax. He went on tape nine days later claiming he never called it a hoax.

    7. Solarius says:

      I’m sorry you are at the receiving end of this slander. Yes as noted in another comment, fema is paying the tab, and no where in the YouTube comments was this seen on that video. Also the mob targeting naps commissioner Shea has no empathy for other residents. Alarmed by such violent sounds, banging, and sirens. Portland has been a long target of the far right and the online lynch mobs. Anyone not in line with their ideologies is smeared as liberal and a Biden supporter as if independent thinkers that want to be left alone don’t exist. Exterimists motivated me to relocate from my home to another location. I’m monitoring developments in your area from a distance.

      • Solarius- Wow, we have a naps commissioner?
        Really? While I’m all in favor of napping, I never dreamed that NYC had a city bureaucracy addressing that noble & healthy practice… talk about progressiveness!

        Is there a study group I could join? I have my own pillow…

        And as far as Sean Hannity is concerned, thinking people can’t possibly take this lickspittle seriously. I’d much rather nap for 20 minutes than watch him for 2 minutes, even with the audio muted.

    8. Punchy says:

      I don’t know what concerns me more – all the homeless being housed in our neighborhood or the fact I agree with Fox News about something.

      • Ken says:

        100% agree! This is family neighborhood, why are we welcoming drug addicts and sex offenders right next to our schools.

    9. Leon says:

      I hate Hannity and I hate Trump but based on this summary, he isn’t wrong.

      That being said, this is typical Trump. He has been president for 3.5 years – why isn’t this his fault? When something good happens, he takes credit. When something bad happens, it is someone else’s fault. Kids in kindergarten know better than this.

      • Thomas says:

        35,000 NYers dead from Covid, yet none of it Is Cuomo’s fault.

        Now why is that ….?

        • UWSHebrew says:

          The biggest crime/scandal and tragedy in the 350 year history of the State of New York are the thousands of seniors stricken with Covid-19 that were forced into nursing homes instead of: 1)Javitz Center 2)Hospital ship 3)Central Park field hospital 4)Empty hotels

          • Leon says:

            Agreed that Cuomo is not the diety he is being made out to be, but you are both doing typical right wing whataboutism. The national disaster that we have is much more about Trump’s self-absorbed lack of leadership than Cuomo. Own it. Please. Next time Trump takes responsibility for something will be the first in his life. He is a child.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              “Agreed that Cuomo is not the diety he is being made out to be” — UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR. And for deflection, you bring up Trump!

            • Leon says:

              UWSHebrew – I’m not deflecting – I’m going back to my original post, which you conveniently ignored. Anyone who thinks that Trump has handled this well is a moron, in denial, or both. There is no defending him.

              There are plenty of others on both sides who also have been far from perfect. But with great power comes great responsibility. If he wants to take credit for all the wins, he also has to admit to some of the defeats. And the next time he does that will be the first.

          • Ella says:


        • Wlee says:

          Because Cuomo doesn’t run the CDC, NIH and have first-hand access to the WHO’s information. (although your guy ignored it). It is a NATIONAL/GLOBAL pandemic that has had no plan or response from the White House. I, myself, am glad to be in Cuomo’s state right now. Why don’t you move down to Florida and see how that works out…

      • Tom connors says:

        Bc You liberals have run this city since Giuliani, why don’t you own the failure of your policies.

      • Jerimah says:

        I guess we can thank FOX News for covering this issue. No mainstream (aka liberal) media will cover it. If media would do their job as journalists, we might not need a left and right news. The degradation of media is half the problem.

      • John says:

        Trump does not control State and City policy. Blame your locally elected officials..

    10. ConcernedUWSider says:

      Give me a break, everyone who commented until now and the tone of this article. A “theme” of the president. Bull. We just had over 200 comments in the other 2 articles on the Lucerne and how pathetic our neighborhood has become, that current drug users from a hospital are also being moved to the Lucerne plus sex offenders in the Belleclaire and because FoxNews reported it you all are now, “Oh no! It’s not true!” This is exactly why we are in this situation and why the UWS is now a DUMP. Get over yourselves and face the music. Our city is being led by a bunch of morons and you know it. Don’t back off now or you’ll be living with a shelter on every corner if you try to be defensive here. Our UWS is disgusting with homeless in every block. Stop the damn politics and let’s fix this neighborhood.

      We’ll see if my comments even get published.

      • UWSSARA says:


        As for accountability, his name his de Blasio. LOCAL leadership was given more control to handle this situation and plenty of federal resources to do it that went unused. Army hospital ships, Javitz center, ambulances, etc. living through COVID in this city and then watching the mayor and the governor, who have put countless people out of work who willfully complied for the greater good, go stand with thousands at marches? It’s enough to drive someone into the arms of Trump.

      • Citygirl says:

        Thank you Concerned! I was beginning to think there wasn’t anyone left in the UWS who sees things clearly.

      • GoldUWS says:

        So True! The majority of people feel the same as you. I have yet to speak with a tax paying citizen of NYC who wants hotels turned into homeless shelters with sex offenders and not one person isn’t scared for the future of this city.

      • Janis says:

        Thank you. You’re absolutely right. It’s more important for the Liberals posting here to spew their hatred for those on the right, than to try to find a way to turn this whole situation around.
        And frankly, I don’t see anyone here admitting any of this is the fault of the one thing I’ve seen that brings the Left and the Right together, which is our disgust for deBlasio.
        If you don’t think this is a result of his administration you’re not living on the UWS, you’re living in the land of make believe.

      • Karen L. Bruno says:

        You are the Voice of Reason!

    11. mike batman says:

      Trump’s empty hotels and resorts are the real nightmare. Where’s he going to get the billions to repay the loans when he’s booted out of office next Nov? Even after his #8 mega bankruptcy.

    12. The Dems are writing the election script, and all the acors are dems Ultimate aim is to disempower Republicans and project,them asunfit to vote. he slent right are conspicuous by their aabsence, so the dems up their’s time for conservatives to ush back amd level the playing feeld bore they find themselves it no spce to challenge a distorted narrative

      • Dorian says:

        I am a registered Republican and, frankly, usurping us couldn’t happen soon enough to suit me.

    13. Concerned citizen says:

      While, I’m far from being a Fox/Hannity fan, I hope Helen Rosenthal sees this — a pure disaster for the UWS. In an area full of public schools within blocks of the Lucerne, this situation is putting everyone’s safety at risk – old, young and in-between. We’re already suffering from a big spike in crime and this only stokes the flames, literally. Just last night a 20th Pct. squad car was set on fire and destroyed. More to come?

    14. anik oulianine says:

      Well, Sean…how about you invite them all to your place?
      What are YOU doing to help solve the problem?!

    15. Par says:

      He forgot to mention that his buddy Trump and his company are renting out Hotel Belleclaire to homeless men too!

      • Deeply concerned says:

        Exactly. And hotel Belleclaire included 14 registered sex offenders. It took concerned neighbors to point this out. Unacceptable.

    16. RAWilson says:

      So the owners of the Lucerne received $1 – $2 million in Federal bailout loans in April AND still decided to accept FEMA money in connection with Project Renewal for these drug addicted men? Can someone please investigate?

    17. Susann says:

      Not sure what all the back and forth is regarding this. Because Fox news and Sean Hannity reported it? Homeless are being housed at The Lucerne hotel at taxpayer’s expense. Yes, this is major. However, the focus of everyone’s anger might be better targeted on the failure of the mainstream media as well as our Mayor and Governor for failing to disclose this. Elections have consequences.

    18. Jane says:

      “one four star hotel has been turned into a homeless shelter for drug addicts,” Hannity said.

      Uh, how is that inaccurate, exactly?

      The hotel HAS been turned into a homeless shelter for nearly 300 drug addicts.

    19. Mpc, NYC says:

      This isn’t really about bald men with ponytails (though that is also frightening). The owners of the Lucerne (are they liberals with ponytails or even UWS’ers, I have no idea) actively pursued a contract with the city to house these folks because they need a revenue stream since the hotel business is down due to COVID. I’m not commenting whether I think this is good or bad, only that if people have concerns about what is happening at this local business they might want to communicate them to the owners of the Lucerne, who are trying to keep their business alive. Maybe they would be responsive to the community’s concerns and try to get put safety measures put in place.
      Separate but related, if NYC had been adequately planning for and dealing with homelessness, an unfortunate inevitable problem in any booming economy that concentrates wealth at the top (of the population and of 100 floor residential towers, literally), we probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

    20. John Anderson says:

      Sean is right. DiBlassio is cancer for NYC-a complete imbecile fully incapable of the requirements of this job.
      We can all live together happily. But removing/constraining Police and defending criminals and violators helps no one. Ironically, it mostly hurts the less fortunate

    21. Steven says:

      This moron hannity should go back down the rat hole he crawled out of.

      hannity doesn’t like NYC because he doesn’t have the talent or guts to make it here.

      Hopefully when trump is kicked out of office, we won’t have to hear this conman run this mouth so much!

      • Rafael says:

        So the answer is … attack Hannity? Shoot the messenger. How does that solve this? UWS is going to hell.

      • Boris says:

        Hannity has the most watched show on all of basic cable. How is he not making it here?

        • Dissident says:

          [Entire URL and HTML should not count toward word limit]
          Last I heard, Tucker Carlson, who follows Hannity, had the highest rated Cable show. As far as mainstream broadcasters go, Carlson stands-out for being more than a shill. Carlson may have referenced the UWS at some point as well.

          As for Sean Hannity and New York, it was here, on WABC radio, that he first made it big. I remember. Starting in the 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM slot, he advanced to drive-time fairly quickly (placing him opposite King of Talk Radio Bob Grant). I believe that co-hosting Hannity and Colmes with the late Alan Colmes was what really catapulted Mr. Hannity into national fame.

    22. LFK says:

      Against all evidence to the contrary, I want to give people the benefit of the doubt by assuming most of us do care about stuff like human dignity and alleviating the suffering of strangers. What bothers me is that I haven’t seen viable alternatives to the Lucerne/Belleclair offered by the NIMBY folks. I’m not talking longterm solutions to the housing, addiction, and mental health crises. Right now, this moment, where should the city house thousands of homeless people in a way that allows them to socially isolate? If someone gave you a yellow bus rental for the day, and you could personally escort these fellow human beings out of your neighborhood, where would you take them?

      • Steven Marc says:

        Wow you all are so Naive, you really think this is a Fox issue, or Trump issue our beautiful neighborhood is being destroyed. I walked down my block today and had to fight my way past a group of very angry people.Right off of Broadway, what are we going to do to protect our CHILDREN? HELLO? Tell them we are sympathetic? There is no plan. THERE IS NO PLAN! We are not protected. DeBlasio, and very very sadly the Democratic Party has failed us. I care about challenged people I do, but I have had it. What do we tell our children to duck? or run?

      • GetReal says:

        Airport hotel. Away from drugs/alcohol and taxpaying residents of this community. Give them their own rooms (we’re worried about COVID after all, right?) and an actual chance to get clean.

    23. cj berk says:

      Despise the ignorant sociopath Trump and his sycophant Hannity However the Lucerne and the Belleclaire are a problem we on the UWS didn’t ask for and don’t deserve. You should look to these Hotel owners for opening their doors for what must be a huge payoff. I want these people gone from my block. That is the bottom line. And then someone should look into the bribery and corruption of these property owners (Shimmie Horn,who are you?). Do not ever give to a so-called non -profit for the homeless until you actually check it out thoroughly. You would be amazed whose pocket your money is in when you donate to DHS or other initialed fronts. WHO exactly can end this nightmare?

    24. Francis Numan says:

      I live in the seventies and take frequent walks. All over the neighborhood block after block are disturbed and at times aggressive people. Sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk near Trader Joe’s and Bank of America is a deranged looking woman who leaves food all over the sidewalk. What about the man who screams at people on the 79th street median.? These are just two of the many homeless and obviously mentally ill people that have now made the UWS THEIR HOME. This is not fair to the families in this neighborhood. Mayor DeBlasio should be removed from office! Jerry Nadler who lives in the neighborhood seems oblivious to the situation.

    25. Doug Santana says:

      Not all persons whom are homeless are addicts, this is a terrible mindset and stigma associated with a group of people who are going through a desperate, horrible season in their lives. I work with folks whom are street homeless and some come from affluent families, communities but due to their mental illness are either put out by families or are estranged due to their own delusional beliefs. We need more love in this time for our fellow humans, regardless of political agendas. The upper west side is actually home to several non-profits that provide transitional and permanent homes for formerly street homeless individuals and have worked really well in the community.

      • cmonman says:

        Right, but did you read about the 283 that moved in or no?

        “Lucerne Hotel to House 283 Homeless Men Recovering from Substance Abuse”

    26. Dorian Yeager says:

      I see this has become right versus left. In fact, it is about the sudden influx of persons that profoundly affect the UWS neighborhood. I moved very near The Lycerne in 1980.

      1980 was not a good time for the area. Drug addicts, homeless and the mentally Ill seemed to be everywhere, and they were.

      I am a politically middle person, and, so, understand the importance of treatment for the addicted and mentally I’ll. However(isn’t there always a “however?”) This neighborhood is singularly residential and family oriented. Obviously the effect of 283 damaged men relocated here is going to be dramatic.

      With great sadness, in less than a week, I feel transported back in time. There is no doubt in my mind, given human nature, that the UWS will devolve toward 1980. Sigh.

      We have been through so much to have more dropped on our plates. I am so very tired.

      • GetReal says:

        A reasonable point of view? Sorry, that’s not allowed here. I applaud you. Hang in there!

      • HelenD says:

        I was also here in the 80’s and I’m trying to fight back the overwhelming feeling that we’ve failed at everything. This morning when I went to Joseph’s Pharmacy I was stunned to see that the homeless encampment was back under the scaffolding next to Gebhard’s and it had doubled in size, literally overnight. What stood out the most was the lit candles on the ground next to piles of cardboard and rugs and fabrics. I don’t even know what to say anymore. 🙁

    27. Brunnhilde says:

      The hotel, which is getting $179 per night for each room didn’t have to take “them” in! Besides “they” are human also. The hotel is making money on the deal! Yeah, they’ll be right down the street from me, but so are a lot of other humans.

    28. unknown says:

      I am actually worry about these hotels becoming shelters. I dont want the Upper West Side to become like 34th and 8th Avenue or 33rth Street where you see these people laying on the streets or hanging on the corner selling drugs or stolen merchandise. I seen it happened and I dont want that for my neighborhood. What annoyes me is that the mayor doesnt do anything to make the homeless situation any better.

    29. Mike says:

      Hannity only sticking his nose in this to give red meat to his right wing followers…. NYC is falling apart and we need Trump to save the day….. What else would he say?

    30. Patricia says:

      Sean Hannity is part of anyone’s nightmare and he should stay home! Despicable low life!

    31. NotALemming says:

      Liberals created this problem. The Democrat mayor and all the lemming liberals that voted him in TWICE. He was just as despicable in his first term but he was voted in again anyway.

    32. Chris says:

      I’ve lived on the Upper West Side for over 27 years. I worked in Midtown, went out Downtown, and never ran into the prejudice I felt when I lived in South Carolina. Sean Hannity reminds me of conservatives in my home state- ready to demonize POC, the poor, the homeless, and recovering addicts, who do not deserve to be segregated out of nicer neighborhoods because of money or crap people like Hannity make up. Near me is a homeless shelter, a halfway house, and a day program for addicts. Sure they ask for money but honestly it doesn’t bother me. I’ve never seen people shooting up near the Lucerne or anywhere on the UWS. Thirty years ago. there was crack everywhere ruining people’s lives. And now halfway houses and shelters are controversial because some people are more concerned about their property value over their fellow humans? It’s just astounding how thoughtless, cruel, prejudiced, and elitist some people are. If you think the homeless shelters etc. will lower your property values during a pandemic, your priorities are in the wrong place. And the uptick in crime? It matches when the pandemic started. I was taught to love everyone but Trump and his band of phonies really do try me.

      • Steven Marc says:

        Trump and his band of phonies exactly what are you taking about. I wanted to sit on a bench this morning on Broadway, on 77th, 78th 79th but they were filled with marijuana smoking, no mask wearing distancing doesnt exist and the streets are filthy. Children live here, families lie here. a tad bit aggressive for me. What does this have to do with Donald Trump are you kidding me? Where is Jerry Nadler? where are our local politicians? My car window was smashed last week. Donald Trump get real!

    33. Evan Bando says:

      Hannity sounds a lot like so many commenters here. Only he gets paid really well to say it.

    34. PManze says:

      There are people still living in the Lucerne in their rent controlled apartments. I am friendly with one couple that have lovely dogs. What are these renters doing during this??

      • Evan Bando says:

        @PManze What are the rent control residents of the Lucerne “doing during this?” They are enjoying the largesse of this “liberal” city that allows them to continue living in NYC when they would otherwise have to leave. Therefore, perhaps these people understand the philosophy, the morality and even the practicality behind the idea of giving people a chance to be good, productive citizens.

    35. World Peacenik says:

      Re: Sean Hannity Says Upper West Side’s Homeless Hotels are Part of a ‘New York City Nightmare’

      Hannity certainly has the pulse of so many here.

      Kind of a spokesperson.

      • Brian says:

        He is right

        • World Peacenik says:

          I’ve had a chance to click through to the NY Post article that this is based on.Here are the tidbits.

          “’We’re back to where we were fifty years ago,’ longtime area resident Michael D’Onofrio told The Post – referring to the area’s decrepit and dangerous conditions in the 1970s.

          Don Evans, a restaurant operator and consultant who lives one block away, fumed, ‘This f—ing mayor. He wants to piss people off.’

          Evans, chairman of the Taste of the Upper West Side food festivals, said, ‘A lot of people on the Upper West Side are away now. They’re going to be shocked when they get back to the city.’

          Jane Hershcopf Shreck, a film continuity supervisor and arts administrator who is returning with her husband from a stay on the East End, said, ‘I’m now terrified to go home.’ She’s lived across the street from the Lucerne since 1976 and worries that the homeless influx will revive conditions when ‘there were places where you couldn’t walk.’

          Comments posted on the web site of the Upper West Side Rag, which first reported the Lucerne takeover, included, ‘As a parent with a young child who owns an apartment close to the Lucerne, I am literally terrified of what this could mean to the safety of our neighborhood and our family….’

          “…Evans, the restaurateur who isn’t involved at Nice Matin said, ‘Once word gets out it’s going to kill their business.'”


    36. Rita says:

      Deranged people walking down Broadway, beggars sitting on sidewalks, unkempt people hanging out in Bway medians are NOTHING NEW. And addicts getting clean are just that and shouldn’t be a problem. I do hope there are som social services attached to that hitel

      • Dave K. says:

        So I can’t sit on my bench. ok.

        And I can’t ask these people to wear masks..ok

        So I can’t ask them to please social distance..ok..

        But yes Rita of course you are right and sexual predators will be just fine for our kids. DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN?

        We should sympathize?

        I mean really?

    37. MP says:

      He’s right

    38. Dissident says:

      In response to Leon who wrote,

      The national disaster that we have is much more about Trump’s self-absorbed lack of leadership than Cuomo.

      , and others who expressed similar views:
      New York City Officials Initially Downplayed Coronavirus Threat

      In the days and weeks before New York City implemented a virtual shutdown in early March, city officials urged their constituents to go about their daily lives without fear — and even suggested that concerns about the burgeoning coronavirus pandemic were rooted in anti-Chinese animus.
      City councilman Mark Levine, head of the City Council health committee, attended the Lunar New Year parade on February 9 and urged his constituents to join him.

      …it was already clear that a humanitarian disaster had occurred in Wuhan,…

      Levine also criticized at least one early effort to begin “social distancing” before the CDC recommended the practice.
      De Blasio appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on March 10 and joined President Trump in casting the coronavirus as similar to the flu.

    39. Kit Efraimson says:

      Hannity is Trump’s puppet and mouthpiece for what he thinks is news.