Sunset Paints the Sky Above the Hudson

Only some sunsets are truly newsworthy and Wednesday night’s was a doozy. Check out these photos from Mildred Alpern looking out over the Hudson.

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    1. Jane W says:

      Magnificent! If you had told me as a kid that the best sunsets are when there are plenty of clouds behind them I would have said you are nuts 😊,

    2. West 90th Street Jeff says:

      Usually, you see sunsets like these only after some massive volcano eruption thousands of miles away. The dust particles circle the earth and create these vibrant, stunning images for days on end. Whatever it was that brought about this sunset, it makes me just so damned nostalgic for my Upper West Side. We may be safer away, but in the words of Little Dorothy, “There’s no place like home.”

    3. Jan says:

      A Springtime gift from the Gods; or so it seems
      Fantastic photos. Thanks

    4. JL says:

      Although sunsets looking West over the Hudson have often been spectacular pre-pandemic, especially in the icy winter. It is worth noting the cleaner air clearly shows our impact on the environment.

    5. Barbara hariton says:

      Gorgeous. I have a great view but I missed this one. So sad 🙁