Missing Man Conor Gannon Reunited With Parents

Connor Gannon, the 29-year-old from Claremont Avenue who went missing last month, has been reunited with his parents, according to Xavier High School, which Gannon attended.

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    1. Lucy says:

      The news so many of us have been praying for. We are all so relieved and happy for Conor and his family. Truly a miracle!

    2. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      i am very relieved.

    3. Joann Kubat says:

      Welcome home. We were praying for you. God bless and happier days ahead

    4. dannyboy says:

      Heartwarming news.

    5. B.W. says:

      So, no word on where he was that whole time? He just up and disappeared, and no explanation?

    6. Jen says:

      So happy to hear that. Thank you for the update.