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    1. Jean Forman says:

      As a parent of a former middle school Mandell student from the class of 2015, I am shocked and deeply saddened by the recent news. A number of the comments regarding the closure are mean spirited and grossly miss informed.
      Mandell is a wonderful school with a highly dedicated and deeply passionate staff, each of whom have done their best to improve the present financial situation. The fact is that they are not responsible for “causing” the financial situation, yet inherited it. The staff at Mandell have done anything and everything they possibly could to reduce expenses, without affecting the quality of the superb education that each and every one of their students has received. They were not privy to the news that the school would be closing and both the students and teachers are deeply affected and devastated by Rockets decision.
      My personal K-12 education was in a public school. My daughter attended PS87 and was one of the unfortunate 12% of students that year who were not assigned a public middle school due to over crowding and the fact that our district gave away our designated local school to a specialized school. Despite the fact that I have dutifully paid my NYC taxes for the last 36 years…we were literally desperate beyond words and in crisis mode. So much so, that I actually went up to the Board of Ed on 125th street and cold called a meeting with the 2 brave souls that are responsible for placing all the middle school students in our district. The bottom line is that what I thought was a catastrophe ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened to my daughter. She was accepted to Mandell in June of that year and received a superb education for which we are eternally grateful.
      Shame on those that left mean spirited comments, for there is enough of that crap in this world. Rather that spew belittling remarks, raise your head and stop to think of how this devastating news has impacted the Mandell families and dedicated staff.